2020-02-06 15:18


Materials donated by Meiluo to the first-line workers in Shantou City have been delivered



[Beijing Direct News Network February 6th](Milo International)In order to actively respond to the national call for doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, Meiluo International Group continued to pay attention to the progress of epidemic prevention and control, and actively assisted in the fight against the epidemic. All branches and front-line business partners responded in succession, and started to connect with local government departments and relevant institutions to fight the epidemic, contributing to the fight against the new coronavirus epidemic and continuously practicing the social responsibility of enterprises.

Guangdong Branch of Meiluo international group and its first-line business partners once again rushed to the front line of epidemic prevention and control. On February 4, they took pains to donate the third batch of materials with a total value of 1 million yuan to the first-line workers in Shantou City, Guangdong Province, at the risk of the epidemic, including air purifiers and health products. Meiluo international group once again uses practical actions to send a love to the workers fighting in the front line and contribute to the local epidemic prevention and control work.

Materials donated by Meiluo international group to frontline workers in Shantou have been delivered

Donated materials have arrived in Shantou

The representative of the recipient accepted the donated materials and expressed sincere thanks to Meiluo International Group for its kindness in fighting against the epidemic. Due to the need of epidemic prevention and control, we try to avoid personnel gathering and contact. There is no ceremony or speech in the whole donation process, which is replaced by the busy transportation of materials. The love of Meiluo International Group Guangdong branch and its business partners deeply moved the front-line workers. On site staff have said that this kind of assistance from enterprises is the biggest support for our grassroots workers to participate in epidemic prevention.

Materials donated by Meiluo international group to frontline workers in Shantou have been delivered

Group photo of Guangdong branch representative and recipient representative

Over the past few days, Meiluo International Group has fully mobilized national resources and urgently coordinated with local branches to actively support local epidemic prevention and control. Guangdong branch and its first-line business partners, regardless of the risk of the epidemic, continue to provide assistance, and make a great contribution to win the prevention and control of the epidemic. Other branches all over the country have also responded. Warm moments of fighting against the epidemic and caring are staged all over the country! Please follow up!