2021-11-24 14:37


Perfect South China base and take multiple measures to explore a new "zero carbon" model


[Beijing Direct News Network November 24th] (Zhongshan daily)Standing on the intelligent manufacturing center building of the perfect South China base, looking at the factory, I can see green grass and gurgling water... Just like a modern garden. Digital workshop, advanced water treatment system, roof photovoltaic power generation and other "carbon reduction" methods make the perfect South China base a new paradigm of "green factory".

On November 11, the list of the second batch of National Quality Engineering Awards for 2020-2021 was officially announced, and the phase II project of perfect South China base was listed. Perfect South China base phase II project is a modern enterprise base integrating ecological wisdom, innovation drive and compound operation. The base focuses on building a green intelligent factory and pursues "harmonious coexistence with the natural environment".

Leading enterprises took the lead in building

Low carbon plant area

On December 9, 2019, the perfect South China production base located in the modern Chinese medicine city of South China was officially completed. As a leading enterprise in the modern Chinese medicine city in South China, the base puts the concept of green development in the first place, and plans and constructs according to the highest level of industry standards in terms of site selection and layout, land saving, water saving, energy saving, material saving and environment, so as to create a green factory.

According to the relevant person in charge of the perfect South China base, the plant adheres to the concept of "ecological building" in the construction, and truly realizes the green development of "leading mountains into houses and covering water to recover". Through the use of high staggered floors, floor glass, ecological green corridor and other designs, skillfully introduce mountain scenery into the house, enrich architectural forms and reflect humanistic care. At the same time, the most advanced reclaimed water recovery system is adopted to generate reclaimed water from up to standard wastewater for reuse, which is used to replenish landscape water sources, irrigate green plants and flush toilets, becoming an example of non-traditional water source utilization. It also provides a continuous stream of green protection for the project through the adoption of a number of energy-saving equipment and measures.

Zhongshan has plenty of sunshine. Making good use of solar energy is one of the channels for enterprises to realize cleaner production. On the roof of the health food and daily cosmetics plant with a total construction area of about 63000 square meters in the perfect South China base, the photovoltaic power generation system is running every day, and the power generation here can reach 1 million kwh every year. There is also a water storage system in the basement of the plant, which can save hundreds of thousands of yuan of electricity every year. Perfect smart factory realizes energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection through "one heat" and "one cold".

"The sewage treatment station built and put into 24-hour operation in the plant can comprehensively treat the industrial wastewater in the plant and reduce the discharge of 40000 tons of excessive wastewater every year; 18000 tons / year of recycled water such as concentrated water of pure water system and equipment process cooling water, and 9600 tons of qualified wastewater and concentrated water recycled water can be saved every year through the reclaimed water recovery system for greening, lake view and toilet flushing of the whole plant Tap water, "the official said.

In addition, in the green warehouse, through a small QR code, the whole process traceability of products from raw material supply to finished product consumption can be realized, providing a continuous green guarantee for the rapid development of the company.Play the "combination fist"

Build a low-carbon Park

It can not only shelter vehicles from wind and rain, but also use solar energy to create clean photovoltaic energy for electric vehicle charging, lighting and integration into the power grid. This is the photovoltaic shed in the modern Chinese medicine city in South China. These seemingly ordinary sheds have become a "low-carbon" landscape.

The modern Chinese medicine city in South China, where the perfect South China base is located, is a pilot project of the demonstration project of the near zero carbon emission zone. It is also the largest Chinese medicine theme Industrial Park in China. The park has green mountains and green water, lianhuadi reservoir in the East, Daquan reservoir in the north, East Lake, South Lake and West Lake in the East. The environment is extremely elegant. So far, the park has introduced a number of well-known enterprises such as perfect, Sinopharm holdings, longfu pharmaceutical, Zhongyan cosmetics and so on.