2021-09-13 14:11


False publicity whether multi-layer agent aikangfei is attached to "Gong Ruiting"


[Beijing Direct News Network September 13th] (First direct selling network)2021 will be a mixed year for aifeikang under Linyi Taikang Biotechnology (Group) Co., Ltd.

Fortunately, the company won many awards less than a year after its establishment. The brand was established on December 15, 2020, focusing on gender health care. Its products were shortlisted as the preferred brand of CCTV in 2019, won PICC quality insurance, China's 3.15 trusted brand, national authoritative testing standard products, etc. These endorsements give its products a green light all the way. At present, there are more than 10000 partners, with remarkable achievements and a very good starting point.

However, the tragedy is that the glory of aifeikang is like a flash in the pan and fleeting.

Before the middle of June this year, the publicity of aikangfei brand was very lively, and the major we media network platforms reported the brilliant achievements of aikangfei one after another. After mid June, the Concord suddenly evaporated. Not only did the Internet Report disappear, but even the official account of WeChat's "ConocoPhillips health" was completely cleared. After that, there are sporadic reports, which is no longer a word of good reputation, but directly point to the suspected false publicity of aikangfei products and the suspected MLM of agent distribution mode.

What happened to aikangfei brand? Is it really suspected of false publicity and MLM? Xiaobian plans to explore the reality.

Aikangfei, brand-name products are effective?

After investigation, the ConocoPhillips brand includes propolis bacteriostasis gel, snow lotus nursing paste, male spirit energy drink, early love compact box, and many other products.

Among them, the efficacy of eichos propolis bacteriostasis gel is anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, detoxifying, nourishing, postponing menopause, relieving dysmenorrhea, and resolving various gynecological problems such as cervical erosion, vaginitis, trichomonas, cervical hypertrophy, and so on.

Another snow lotus care paste also proposes to contain the characteristic ingredient Tianshan snow lotus and dozens of Chinese herbal medicines, which can solve many problems such as pelvic inflammation, abnormal leucorrhea, adnexitis, cervicitis, Escherichia coli, cervical erosion and so on;

The first love compact box is a combination of plant extract and biological ingredients. It contains biological polypeptide stem cells. It can quickly recover and tighten and improve the leakage of urine.

In addition, male god energy drink can tonify and strengthen the kidney, open up microcirculation, relieve fatigue, improve physical function and comprehensively improve men's comprehensive quality

However, do these products of aikangfei really have such magical effects? As a matter of fact, the license number of ekcond's Propolis bacteriophage gel is No. 2010 of Shawei Wei (No. 0081), and the production enterprise is Xi'an big love health industry Co., Ltd. the products belong to disinfection supplies only, while men's energy drink is only food, and the production license number is SC11735062500115.

Whether it is Xiaozi or ordinary food, it does not have any curative effect.

Xiaozi brand products belong to the category of sanitary disinfection products. The detection indicators are mainly bactericidal and only have disinfection function; Ordinary food does not have any effect.

According to Article 17 of the advertising law, neither the production enterprise nor the trading enterprise can publicize the efficacy of commodities other than medical treatment, drugs and medical devices. The general rules for the labeling of prepackaged food in the national food safety standard also clearly stipulates that non health food shall not have health care function explicitly or implicitly.

Multi layer agent, does the mode involve transmission

After aikangfei was selected as the preferred brand of CCTV, it announced that its mode was to break the restrictions of traditional marketing mode and multi-dimensional marketing fission through "network expansion and team fission". Aconfi also released the first mock exam data: the monthly revenue has broken tens of millions, and the number of service customers has increased 5 times. Such bright data makes people look at it.