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Miyou circle involved in biography is put on file for investigation, but still uses the mode of involved biography to recruit without repentance


[Beijing Direct News NetworkJanuary 29th ] (China Quality News)Recently, the insider Mr. Wang (pseudonym) reported to China quality news network that in November 2020, Hangzhou miyou circle Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as miyou circle) was put on file for investigation by the market supervision and Administration Bureau of Boshan District, Zibo City, Shandong Province for suspected organization of pyramid selling activities. However, the original business model of miyou circle has not stopped, and it is still actively recruiting members.

The business model has not changed since the suspected pyramid scheme was put on file for investigation

According to Mr. Wang, a person familiar with the matter, on November 4, 2020, the market supervision and Administration Bureau of Boshan District, Zibo City, Shandong Province received a letter from Boshan public security bureau about the clues of the company's suspected organization and leadership of pyramid selling activities, as well as relevant materials related to pyramid selling. A special group was set up to investigate the company's suspected involvement in pyramid selling activities, and applied to the people's Court of Boshan District for judicial freezing of the account involved in the case The actual frozen fund is 193 million yuan.

According to the national enterprise credit information system, miyou circle was established in October 2016, engaging in the retail and wholesale of maternal and infant products and health products. In just over four years, miyou circle has accumulated billions of yuan. According to the publicity content of the agents of miyou circle, the number of miffi members has reached one million.

"In December 2020, miyouquan company filed an application for reconsideration against the judicial freezing ruling made by the people's Court of Boshan District, but it was rejected." Mr. Wang reflected that "after the company's account was frozen in November last year, miyou circle explained to the agents that this incident has been resolved and has not affected the Mifei agents. However, in fact, miyou circle has not actively cooperated with the market supervision and Administration Bureau of Boshan District to carry out the investigation, and at present, it still uses the original business model for market operation

A family member of an agent of miyouquan said that miyouquan company used the "miyouquan" mobile app to sell Mifei maternal and infant products produced by Hangzhou qianzhiya Health Products Co., Ltd. The mother and baby products are the favorite consumables of Baoma, which is also the reason why most of the million agents in miyou circle are Baoma. Miyou circle aims at the self use needs of Baoma's products, has sufficient time, and has the need to realize self-worth, and uses wechat, group meeting and other means to rapidly develop the team.

Professionals: a typical payment model for communication related teams

How does the business model of miyouquan company operate?

According to the survey, miyouquan company sells Mifei's mother and baby products online. Members need to subscribe to the products when they join in the discount of taking goods. Members are divided into four grades from high to low: Miwang, Mifei, mixiaozhu and Mifen. To become a rice noodle, you need to subscribe for 648 yuan of products; to become a small rice owner, you need to subscribe for 2100 yuan of products; to become a rice concubine, you need to subscribe for 9100 yuan of products; to become a rice king, you need to subscribe for 39000 yuan of products. The products you subscribe for can be placed in the company's so-called "cloud warehouse" without immediate delivery.

Members can develop new members and get "recommendation Award" when they are offline. The amount of "recommendation Award" varies from 40 yuan to 1826 yuan for different levels of member development. However, when new members are offline, there is no recommendation Award for the next generation.

When direct push members (non Mi Wang) pick up goods, they can get "price difference rebate" when they go online, and the amount is based on the quantity of goods picked up by direct push members. The so-called "rebate on price difference" refers to that when a non King member orders, miyouquan company resells the so-called "yuncang" goods online, and then directly transfers the payment and price difference to the online account.

Insider provides miffi membership system

In the process of recruiting agents, the "recommended reward" + "price rebate" of the king of rice earns 1816 yuan at one time, the princess of rice earns 1200 yuan at one time, the master of rice earns 450 yuan at one time, and the rice flour earns 190 yuan at one time.