2020-03-05 13:48


Anti epidemic situation, stable development, Ruxin responds to the "assembly number" of resumption of work and production


[Beijing Direct News Network March 5th] (Beiqing net)"We will win the challenges and win the battle as we have in the past. Always put the safety and health of business partners, employees and customers first. "Recently, CEO Wu Ruide of Nu Skin group expressed his confidence in China's victory over the epidemic and his support and encouragement to Chinese employees and business partners through video.

The sudden outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia not only disrupts the rhythm of social and economic development, but also tests the management level and management ability of enterprises. In order to reduce the impact of the epidemic on production and operation, Nu Skin China actively responded to the requirements of the State Administration of market supervision and administration, organized enterprises to step up the resumption of work and production in an orderly manner on the premise of resolutely doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, actively implemented corporate social responsibility, and boosted the national economic recovery and social stability.

Strictly implement epidemic prevention and control to ensure safe production of enterprises

Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been the first to be established in the new China management department. The new China management team has taken the lead in establishing the epidemic prevention team and strictly followed the policy guidance of local governments. It is the premise to protect the health of employees, provide safe working environment and make epidemic prevention and control in a special period. Whole production plan, disinfection plan and other operational protection plans.

Comprehensive protection of factory staff to ensure safe production

After the enterprise returns to work, Nu Skin ensures that the epidemic prevention mechanism is in place, the responsibility for epidemic prevention and control is in place, the epidemic inspection of returning personnel is in place, the disinfection of all areas in the plant area is in place, the flow of people in and out of the plant area is in place, the daily protection of employees is in place, the materials for epidemic prevention are in place, and the publicity and education for epidemic prevention and control are in place, so that employees have no worries and devote themselves to the safety of the enterprise In the whole production, we will make every effort to ensure the safety and orderly resumption of production.

Actively respond to the challenge of epidemic situation and promote production with quality and quantity

The pneumonia epidemic affects China's economy, and the return to work plans of various enterprises across the country are inevitably affected. In the face of a series of challenges brought by the epidemic, such as shortage of human resources, shortage of raw materials, and delay of logistics, etc., Xinxin actively coordinates and flexibly mobilizes various resources of the enterprise, and fully guarantees the production capacity and market supply, and has made some positive progress at present: in terms of human resources, the return rate of employees in xinhuzhou factory and Longyang factory has reached nearly 95%; In terms of production capacity, under the condition of sufficient personnel, the production of the two new factories has recovered more than 90%; in terms of supply chain, after close communication with suppliers, suppliers have arranged the production and transportation of raw materials as soon as possible after resumption of work; in terms of logistics, the company has set up two temporary sorting centers in Shanghai and Guangzhou in the shortest time to help the nationwide delivery as soon as possible.

Ruxin China's factory production is carried out orderly to ensure market supply

Ruxin warehouse handles goods and orders in an orderly manner