2020-03-05 13:41


Huang Shouxian's wechat business routine behind "qianbaichong" drink of Shenshou biology


[Beijing Direct News Network March 5th] (China Quality wanlihang)When it comes to Huang Shouxian, many people may not have heard of it, but when it comes to "small animals" and "beasts", many micro business practitioners are not new to them, and even regarded as successful examples of micro business.

Enterprise investigation shows that Huang Shouxian, the major shareholder and actual controller of Ningbo Shenshou Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., controls Zhejiang Shenshou Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shenshou biotechnology"), Zhejiang xingziyan Cosmetics Co., Ltd., Zhejiang qianbaichong Health Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Shenshou Information Technology Co., Ltd. through the company. The company's micro business brands include "qianbaichong", "Princess home" and "xingziyan", as well as social e-commerce "Princess shopping".


When investigating the possible influence of "qianbaichong" drink of Shenshou biology on women's physiological period, the reporter saw a speech video of little beast at the 2016 annual meeting of the wechat brand "tirisar" on the Internet. As the founder and representative of the first rich group, Xiaoshou said passionately, "now that I'm in the tens of millions a month, I can do more for my agent, so I've invested in a 2500 flat office with hundreds of staff serving my agent. For my agent, I can spend millions every month to do activities for them."

Tens of millions of wechat business per month? This has aroused great concern of the reporter for Huang Shouxian.

According to people familiar with the matter, Ti Ali Shar founded the product at the beginning of the mask, and then launched the "Jane SWAT", "Mi Xi" and other weight loss products. At the same time, online reports often tie up tirisar with the words "MLM", "fraud" and other brands.


In January 2016, tillisar was slapped for illegally using the trademark of Nanjing Tongrentang for publicity.

On November 8, 2017, Teresa announced that she could build a low investment and quick return platform for family women and college students, which could bring her dream into reality, and take wechat marketing mode as the main sales channel, through the "online" wechat circle of friends and "offline" large-scale meetings, her company's scale, image, wechat agency advantages, wechat wealth cases and production The function and efficacy of the product were falsely publicized in different degrees. Ordered by Wuhan Administration for Industry and commerce to stop advertising, eliminate the impact within the corresponding scope and impose a fine of 600000 yuan.

In April 2018, the company was cancelled. After the cancellation of the company, Teresa changed to a "Majia" to continue its wechat business, that is, Wuhan Boyan Fashion Trade Co., Ltd., which is currently operating its brand.

In July 2018, Teresa was included in the list of suspected MLM organizations by people's daily.

On February 20, 2019, according to the criminal judgment of the people's Court of Shucheng County, Anhui Province (2019) No.

On May 16, 2019, Qingdao life online TV station exposed the title "secret behind 30000 yuan joining tirisar? Contacting wechat business".


According to incomplete statistics reported by the media, as of February 26, 2020, Teresa has been marked as "the exposed suspected MLM organization" by the wechat app "Tencent Lingkun financial risk inquiry and reporting center", and reported 5566 times.

According to the public information on the Internet, Huang Shouxian, a small beast, chose "tirisar" as the starting point of its micro business in early 2014. In March, he established the sofull team, the richest group. According to the official platform of the team, from March to August 2014, the wechat agents and customers of the first rich group gradually accumulated, and the operation path of small beast and its team gradually took shape; in 2015, the first rich Group officially established a company, operated in a group, and became the first team of annual sales.