2019-12-11 16:23


Say goodbye to the brutal growth of direct selling industry and usher in the "cold winter"


[Beijing Direct News Network December 11th](Ji'nan times)"Become a partner of Kangzhuang Avenue, even if you don't do anything in the later stage, you still have money to earn!"

"Joining Enron Diamond International, 7-year-old children can earn more than 50000 a month!"

"If you invest 40000 yuan to buy the Roman crown card, you will have the chance to become a rich man of 50 million yuan. There are two people in Jinan who have already made it! One of them has a net income of 400 million yuan, and there are more than 100 houses in Jinan..."

In recent half a year, with the strengthening of national supervision, the whole direct selling industry has entered a "cold winter" state.

However, the dealers with mixed advantages and disadvantages have strong vitality and seek the way to survive in the cracks. Some distributors of direct selling companies dressed as "legal" still commit crimes against the wind in Jinan area, or exaggerate the efficacy of propaganda products, or are suspected of pyramid selling "pulling people's heads", causing many citizens to suffer.

After a period of covert investigation, the New Times reporter revealed to the public these "grey direct sales" that had changed their flavor.

Magic "curative effect" products

New Times reporters recently visited three "enterprises". They introduced various magic "curative effect" products to reporters, and even described some "rich dream" that can make money at home.


"Unlike MLM, we don't sell products at all. We have real products." Two dealers of Kangzhuang Avenue, Shandong Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences, located in Xinluo street, Jinan high tech Zone, are leading a group of people to visit the product exhibition hall and answer the questions of these potential customers.A dealer surnamed Zhang said: "look at this Qianchang tablet, a male gas station, for prostate; this tea green tablet sugar, extracted from black tea, can dissolve cancer substances and fight cancer."

However, these two products, which sell for 358.2 yuan, don't even have "little blue hat" (special logo for health food).


Enron diamond international Jinan operation center, located near Shunhe West Street, Tianqiao District, Jinan, is also on stage.

There are so many people in the office. Everyone is listening to Ms. Li. "These textiles made of Enron nano high technology can help to open the microcirculation of human body. In traditional Chinese medicine, if the microcirculation is smooth, all diseases will not occur. When the quilt is covered with Enron (retail price: 3600 yuan), the flow speed of human blood vessels can be increased by 6.2%. With Enron kneepad (retail price: 680 yuan), people with severe varicose veins can improve in three months. " To increase credibility, Ms. Li also cited a case: "we have a member's father who broke his leg in a car accident and used an Enron kneepad, which shocked even the doctors."

The New Times reporter also found that some products of Kangzhuang Avenue and Enron nano were not included in the approval and filing scope of the Ministry of Commerce. These dealers were selling directly beyond the scope.

The dream of a millionaire


"Jinan has created two 50 million rich people. Don't you want to be the third?" in the Shandong Branch of Jinan Jingshi Road Beijing Luomai Technology Co., Ltd., Ms. Wang first led the New Times reporter to visit a circle, and then took the reporter to a nearby tea house to teach the "wealth classic". According to Ms. Wang, "I used to be an inspector of an ordinary state-owned enterprise. After joining Romer technology three years ago, I have become a director with millions of income."

▲ entry system of Romer

According to Ms. Wang, you can become the crown card dealer of the company as long as you buy 40 thousand yuan of Romer products, and then form your own team, you will have the chance to become a multimillionaire.