2021-11-24 15:21


There is a risk of violation in the false publicity operation mode of Baishida health


[Beijing Direct News Network November 24th] (Anti MLM window network)In recent years, the phenomenon of false publicity of disinfection products by individual businesses has become more and more obvious, which has aroused the great attention of the society and regulatory authorities. Recently, some netizens reported to our website that the "prevention of gynecological diseases" and other contents claimed by the brand-name products of "Baimi great health" are obviously suspected of false publicity, and the bonus system that "three to five" can return to the capital is also questioned.

1. Background: less than one year after its establishment, the paid in capital is 0 yuan, but it claims that the group company?

According to the official account of the "Bai Mi Da health ecosystem", Bai Mi Yuan is a well-known brand of domestic women's health industry, focusing on women's health management and product development. Since its establishment, it has devoted itself to the popularization of women's health culture and reproductive health solutions. The Baimi love and Baimi source brands launched by Baimi successively are another formula upgrade (goddess Series) that has won good reputation in the market and sustained witness by users in 2020. The company takes full care of women's reproductive health and sexual well-being from detoxification, activation, supplement, repair, firmness and moisture.

Upon investigation, Suzhou Baimi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is the business entity of baimiyuan and other products. The company was established on December 10, 2020. The legal representative and sole shareholder are Chen Wei, the supervisor is Rong Shishan, and the registered capital is 1 million yuan. According to the 2020 annual report, the paid in capital contribution of the company's shareholders is 0 yuan and the insured employees are 0.

Such an enterprise, which was established less than a year ago, often boasts of "Baimi group" in relevant publicity materials.

Is such publicity contrary to the facts and exaggerated? According to Baidu Encyclopedia, the conditions for the establishment of the group company are as follows:

From this point of view, Suzhou Baimi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. does not have the qualification to claim to be a group in terms of registered capital or parent subsidiary relationship with other companies. If the company encounters a real consumer complaint, after inspection by the regulatory authorities, if it is verified that Baimi group is not actually registered, Suzhou Baimi company will undoubtedly bear the responsibility for such publicity.

It is worth mentioning that the applicant of baimiyuan trademark is sun Xiaoxiao, who is also the founder, chairman, CEO, founder of business school and chief lecturer of Suzhou baimiyuan company; In terms of the company's management, another big man is named Ye Xiaohui, who is the president of Baimi business school.

2. Product: the brand-name products are suspected of false publicity, which is nonsense to prevent gynecological diseases

According to the survey, there are many products of Bai MI group, such as "Bai Mi AI ecological maintenance paste", "Bai Mi Yuan goddess bacteriostasis gel", "Bai Mi source compact peptide inhibitor solution", "Bai Mi source bio peptide bacteriostatic liquid" and so on, these four products are the flagship products of Bai MI group. With regard to the effectiveness of these products, the publicity efforts of various promotional materials provided by dealers are also very exaggerated. We mainly take Bai Mi love ecological maintenance stickers and Bai Mi Yuan bacteriostasis gel as an example, first of all, the former provides the promotional materials that the product can easily solve vaginitis within one month, and improve gynecology sub-health in three to six months.