2020-11-12 15:55


The organizer was sentenced to three years' imprisonment in the second instance of Youlian Wanjia pyramid selling case



[Beijing Direct News Network November 12th] (Public opinion observation network)Recently, it was found on the website of Chinese judicial documents that "Su LiXiao organized and led the criminal ruling of the second instance of pyramid selling activities" (hereinafter referred to as the ruling).

Three years' imprisonment for organizing and leading pyramid selling of "u-treasure coin"

According to the ruling, Su LiXiao was arrested by Dengzhou Public Security Bureau on July 30, 2019 for being suspected of organizing and leading pyramid selling activities. She was detained on July 31 of the same year and arrested on August 15 of the same year.

The original judgment of Dengzhou people's court found that: since April 2018, wumou (already sentenced) in Zhaishang village, Gaoji Town, Dengzhou city organized many people to participate in pyramid selling on the network platform of "Youlian Wanjia Youbao", and illegally profited from it by developing members and purchasing "u-treasure coin" of the company's products. Su LiXiao, the defendant of Wu, was identified by the Institute of forensic science. (1) the member account huzhe001 registered on Su LiXiao's "u-bao" platform has 402 members recommended (including 33 direct promotion members) at the 14th layer of the recommendation hierarchy structure, and 191 members have been recommended after removing duplication. There are 7 layers of recommended offline members; In the 61 layer of the contact system hierarchy, there are 710 contact offline members, 302 contact offline members after duplicate removal, and there are 48 contact offline members; (2) Su LiXiao registered member account isf168168, in the 15th layer of the recommended relationship hierarchy, the total number of contact offline members is 117, the number of contact offline members is 71, and the number of recommended offline members is 22; (3) Su LiXiao's registered member account slx001, at the level 24 of the recommended relationship hierarchy, the total number of recommended offline members is 0, and at the 69 level of the contact relationship hierarchy, the total number of contact offline members is 0.

According to the relevant provisions of the criminal law of the people's Republic of China, the court of first instance ruled that the defendant Su LiXiao was guilty of organizing and leading pyramid selling activities and was sentenced to three years' imprisonment and a fine of RMB 10000 yuan and 2000 yuan.

The court (Nanyang intermediate people's court) held that Su LiXiao, the appellant (the defendant in the original trial), in the name of selling commodities and other business activities, required the participants to pay fees and purchase commodities to obtain the qualification to join, and formed a hierarchy according to a certain order. Directly or indirectly, the number of development personnel was used as the basis for remuneration or rebate, so as to induce the participants to continue to develop others to participate and defraud property, His behavior has constituted the crime of organizing and leading pyramid selling activities. The original sentence has been fully considered in the conviction and sentencing. Therefore, the reasons for appeal are not accepted. The original judgment has clear facts, sufficient evidence, accurate conviction and appropriate sentencing. The final ruling of Nanyang intermediate people's court is as follows: reject the appeal and maintain the original judgment.

More than ten thousand families of Youlian have been cracked

It is reported that "U Bao coin" is known as the world's only physical blockchain, which was released by Beijing Union Wanjia Technology Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Beijing Union Wanjia). It claimed that it had jointly launched a credit card with u-treasure coin as the settlement unit with industrial bank. However, it was quickly refuted by Industrial Bank of China, denying any business cooperation with UnionPay Wanjia and never issuing u-coin as the settlement Credit card of the unit. According to the enterprise investigation, the company was registered on January 18, 2018, and its legal representative, Gao Ning, is also the actual controller and ultimate beneficiary of the company, with a shareholding ratio of 70%. According to enterprise investigation, Gaoning and the company are currently restricted from high consumption and become dishonest executors. The reason is that the company and other companies failed to perform their obligations due to contract disputes and were included in the blacklist of dishonesty.