2021-11-24 15:15


In the post epidemic era, the direct selling industry helps the domestic circulation and stimulates domestic demand


[Beijing Direct News Network November 24th] (Direct selling 360)After the high-speed licensing period, China's direct selling enterprises have entered the warlord scuffle stage, resulting in the intensification of vicious competition in the market of China's whole direct selling industry. After the "Quan Jian, Hualin incident" and "100 day action", the direct selling industry has undergone great changes and increasingly strict supervision, which has greatly damaged the vitality of direct selling domestic enterprises, In 2020, the novel coronavirus pneumonia was devastating for direct selling enterprises. Domestic enterprises once fell to the bottom. Even many domestic enterprises suspended direct sales. Many domestic enterprises were heavily affected by the business. Many regulatory departments offered advice for direct selling enterprises, guided enterprises to conduct compliance operations, and encouraged innovation and development of enterprises. The direct selling industry should keep pace with the times, innovate and change, actively explore the development of new business forms and models under the new situation, gradually realize the virtuous cycle of enterprise self-discipline, industry norms, government supervision and social co governance, and confidently find the development orientation matching the new development pattern and optimizing the business environment.

At the same time, the notice of the Ministry of Commerce on printing and distributing the implementation plan for deepening the reform of "separation of certificates and licenses" and further stimulating the development vitality of market subjects: when it comes to the "approval of the establishment and change of direct selling enterprises and their branches", optimize the approval services, formulate and publicize the work instructions, and publicize the approval basis, application conditions, application materials, handling process and handling results online, Simplify and process the approval of direct selling enterprises.

From the perspective of national regulatory authorities and relevant policies, encouraging the vitality of various market elements is the current tide in China. This year's direct selling enterprises have been encouraged and supported by many regulatory authorities. Generally speaking, the supervision of the direct selling industry should be consistent with the general direction, especially in the current epidemic, China's real economy is facing downward pressure, The popularity of real estate and capital financial markets has led to the fact that domestic middle-class families dare not have children. Education and medical care are facing great difficulties. The state is coping with various challenges by reducing taxes and fees, encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship, supporting the development of private economy and encouraging the development of high and new technology.

The direct selling industry is precisely an important channel to directly help the physical manufacturing industry link with end consumers. The regulatory authorities' encouragement and support for direct selling will certainly help activate domestic demand, stimulate people's consumption, help open up the consumption cycle in China, promote the rapid and healthy development of the country's real economy, and solve many employment problems for the society, It also contributes to the local government's tax revenue. Therefore, I believe that the general direction of deregulation and access in the direct selling industry will not change in the future, and with the recovery of the real economy, the direct selling industry will soon usher in a new spring.