2020-11-12 15:47


Liang shuihui: it has a positive and long-term impact on the health food industry


[Beijing Direct News Network November 12th] (Xinhuanet)On November 2, the opening ceremony of 2020 China special food conference and T20 Summit Forum of special food industry was held in Changsha, Hunan Province. Liang shuihui, vice chairman of the board of directors of the Ministry of health food, said: "the impact of the regulation on the domestic health food industry is positive and long-term, and will create a healthy and good market environment for the main body of the real health food industry."

Facing the pressure of market competition, Liang Shuishui thinks that it should be improved from six aspects.

The first is to continuously standardize the internal management of the enterprise, continuously consolidate the core competitiveness and technological innovation ability of the enterprise, so as to ensure that the company can cope with the changes of the industry / market environment.

Second, the company will build scientific nutrition products through the implementation of "scientific nutrition" strategy. As a national high-tech enterprise, the company has always attached great importance to R & D investment and the improvement of its R & D comprehensive strength. It has always adhered to the mode of combining independent R & D and industry university research cooperation, established good and stable cooperative relations with authoritative scientific research institutions, well-known universities and enterprises at home and abroad, and built a "collaborative innovation R & D cooperation platform". Tang's "scientific nutrition" strategy will focus on new detection technology, evaluation method, population database, functional products, knowledge map, intelligent algorithm and so on.

Third, it is more important to prove honesty than cleverness with strength. This is one of the core values that he has adhered to for many years. The industry of dietary supplements has been called "the industry on the tip of the tongue, the enterprise on the tip of the knife". Quality is the lifeline. In 2012, Mr. Tang took the lead in building a professional "Transparent Factory" in the industry to show the quality of raw materials and production process to the public with integrity and openness. Thus, the transparency of the whole food industry has been improved.

Fourth, it is the key to stand the market test with excellent product quality while ensuring the transparency of production. The choice of raw materials in food industry has always been the top priority of consumers. The raw material strategy of Tomson is to select high-quality raw materials all over the world. The raw materials are produced in 23 countries and regions all over the world. All his efforts are to produce high-quality dietary supplements for his family and friends.

The fifth is to consolidate the foundation of enterprise operation and development. In 2018, Liang Yunchao, chairman of the company, summed up the basic concept of quality control of Tomson Beijian over the years into eight points, which were regarded as the ballast stone of the company's operation and development. It includes "national standards and regulations are only a minimum requirement and bottom line, the company should be higher than the national standards in an all-round way", "everything makes way for quality", "the concept and brand DNA of producing the world's highest quality nutrition products not for customers, but for family and friends".

Sixth, from the long-term strategy of scientific nutrition, global raw materials, transparent factory, and other long-term strategies, we will further enhance consumers' confidence and recognition of the industry and enterprises in terms of scientific and technological innovation, raw material selection, quality control, honest communication, and consumer education.

In the interview, Liang also introduced Tang's four strategic priorities in the next three years

The first is to implement the strategy of "scientific nutrition" and create scientific nutrition products. Tang's "scientific nutrition" strategy will focus on new detection technology, evaluation method, population database, functional products, knowledge map, intelligent algorithm and so on.

The second is to make the whole chain digital. The definition is launched from the C-terminal to consumer c-centered full link digitization, rather than from the management b-end. It is driven from the outside rather than from the internal. At present, the ongoing subprojects include member digitization, media investment digitization, e-commerce digitization and whole marketing chain digitization sub projects to build data marketing and user service capabilities of to C, which is known as "new infrastructure" of Mr. Tang.