2019-11-08 14:17


Chen Chun: China's blockchain development needs to break through four core technologies


[Beijing Direct News Network November 8th] (Science and Technology Daily)Blockchain technology has become the focus of concern. As an important breakthrough of independent innovation, how to make it serve all walks of life and transform it into a new driving force of economic and social development? From now on, our newspaper has launched a series of reports on "blockchain on the chain", focusing on this new topic of the times.

Zhang San, a villager, lent Li Si 100 yuan. In order to ensure the safety of the borrowed money, Zhang San told all the villagers about the loan through the village radio. After the villagers checked and verified each other, they recorded the information on the account book.

On October 31, Chen Chun, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and director of the blockchain research center of Zhejiang University, at the collective interview meeting of blockchain research of Zhejiang University, used simple and clear metaphor to answer what blockchain is - single point initiation, whole network broadcasting, cross examination and common accounting.

Recently, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee has conducted collective learning on the current situation and trend of blockchain technology development for the first time. General secretary Xi Jinping also pointed out how the block chain technology can bring substantial changes to the social development.

For the current hot topic of blockchain, Chen Chun said that China has some advantages in some areas of blockchain, but the existing blockchain technology is just starting, there are still many core technologies to be broken through.

Alliance chain underlying platform

Building China has global advantages

According to different application scenarios and user needs, blockchain can be divided into public chain, alliance chain and private chain.

It is understood that the degree of decentralization of public chain is the highest, and the degree of openness of private chain and alliance chain is limited.

Chen Chun introduced that, unlike the development mode of blockchain in western countries based on financial innovation to drive innovation in other industries, the development of blockchain technology in China is more balanced in all walks of life, which is relatively consistent with the characteristics of alliance chain.

Chen Chun said that China has a global advantage in the construction of the underlying platform of the alliance chain. "In the future, we need to strive for the initiative in the development of blockchain technology. In particular, we need to strengthen the scientific and technological research in the field of alliance chain technology, establish and improve the coordination mechanism between university scientific research institutes and enterprises, promote the construction of independent blockchain open-source community and talent team, and provide support for the research and development of blockchain technology."

He believes that to break through the core technology of alliance chain, China needs to solve four key technologies: high performance, security privacy, high availability and high scalability.

Finally, blockchain technology should serve all walks of life, that is, "blockchain +".

"If you want to apply blockchain on a large scale, you can't build a high-rise building on the ground. There are many big data integration platforms in front of it. The most important thing is to solve the problems on and off the chain." Chen Chun explained that the chain is the blockchain, and the chain is the traditional trusted information system. "To achieve 'blockchain +', we should speed up the solution of the relationship between the blockchain and the traditional trusted information system.".

At present, the technology of data collaboration on and off the chain is just starting at home and abroad. How to embed the blockchain system and the traditional trusted information system to realize the relevance and consistency of the data on and off the chain?

In Chen Chun's view, to design a standard model framework for data collaboration on and off the blockchain chain, we need to study large-scale, high-performance point-to-point networks. "Because the blockchain is originally point-to-point transmission, but if there is no breakthrough in network technology, it is difficult to improve the performance of the blockchain system, that is, it is difficult to link up and down the chain."

It is gratifying to note that there have been successful application cases of data collaboration on and off the chain in China. The Ministry of housing and urban rural development, together with China Construction Bank, uses the blockchain technology to connect 491 provident fund centers across the country, which greatly facilitates the inquiry and handling of provident fund affairs in different places.