2019-11-08 14:10


Shen Jie: the inevitability and objectivity of direct selling legislation from the perspective of media relations


[Beijing Direct News Network November 8th] (Shen Jie)On October 26, 2019, the launching ceremony of China's direct marketing legislation research group and the press conference on the circulation and consumption column of China enterprise daily hosted by the direct marketing expert committee of China Marketing Society were held in China enterprise daily group. The establishment of the direct selling legislation task force will provide Market Research Report, theoretical basis and other comprehensive legislative basis for the direct selling law (Draft), so as to promote the early realization of direct selling legislation.

At the end of 2018, the whole direct selling industry was caught in a tsunami of public opinion due to the media storm of "power and health event". For a while, the development of China's direct selling industry was in danger. 91 enterprises that obtained "direct selling business license" according to law were walking on thin ice. More than 20 million direct selling practitioners were worried about the future.

The media's public opinion about the direct selling industry is almost full-time coverage, so that the media boldly speculated that all direct selling enterprises are "licensed with illness". Such a statement, except for Hualin and Quanjian, all direct selling enterprises have put on a heavy "transmission related" hat, which can not be separated from the "direct selling management regulations" and "Prohibition of pyramid selling regulations" issued in the early years The criticism brought by the long history of customs regulations.

"Thousands of sails pass by the side of the sunken boat, and ten thousand trees spring ahead of the sick tree." Now it's nearly a year since the "power and health event" broke out. The premise for direct selling enterprises to embark on the road of standardized development is to legislate as soon as possible, and also to clearly recognize the importance of the relationship between direct selling industry and media.

Direct selling enterprises and media are the relationship between "water and boat"

As the saying goes, "water can carry a boat, but it can also capsize it." The relationship between media and enterprises is just like that between water and boats. It is undeniable that the development of any industry is inseparable from a good external public opinion environment, especially the direct marketing industry. Since the outbreak of "power and health incident" and "hundred day action" this year, some media have made one-sided reports on the direct selling industry, equating the direct selling mode with pyramid pyramid pyramid marketing, and vigorously attacked the widespread violations in the direct selling industry, such as multi-level remuneration, cross regional operation, product unreported and false propaganda, and even many direct selling companies were involved Into the "suspected MLM" vortex. However, after the "hundred day action", the State Administration of market supervision and administration released 100 typical cases of law enforcement, but there was no case of direct selling enterprises suspected of pyramid selling, which is not difficult to see from the results of the "hundred day action", the serious misreading of direct selling enterprises by the media.

In the past, the news of the direct selling industry, which was exposed by the media, was roughly divided into a variety of business models, such as illegal enterprises reporting large bills, making initial shares, promising dividends, deceiving consumers, engaging in Internet +, tourism and conference activities. Although these models can make the performance of direct selling enterprises soar in a short period of time, once other direct selling enterprises with low performance follow, it will become the default hidden rule of the industry, and the media reports expose the disorderly behavior of illegal enterprises, which is conducive to enterprise autonomy and industry consolidation. The most important thing for an enterprise is to focus on enterprise management, product management and other aspects, so as to achieve legal and compliant operation. The media industry should take a correct attitude, treat the direct selling industry correctly, report the facts objectively and fairly, and stick to the media responsibility and bottom line.

Direct selling enterprises and media should be active

In any business field, it is difficult to create a brand and profit without a large number of advertisements. There is no denying that the relationship between media and enterprises should be an interdependent community. In the direct selling industry, some enterprises do business through the marketing promotion of lower cost membership system and product reputation, and people have doubts about its operation compliance. In the past, traditional direct selling enterprises only focused on internal communication. When the market problems were exposed, they didn't correct the problems and correct the mistakes in time. They took the initiative to show their attitude through the media, and then they continued to act willfully and recklessly. When the situation worsened further, they took the initiative to seek the support of the media. If they acted in this way, they could not stand the scrutiny of the media, which led to the misunderstanding of the public, and the crisis became more and more serious Strong, then there will be a storm of public opinion.