2021-11-24 15:28


Health food is hot for financing. Can product customization be the way out?


[Beijing Direct News Network November 24th] (China business daily)On November 16, the new cutting-edge health food brand completed a round of pre-A financing of tens of millions of yuan per day. In fact, many health food brands are favored by capital this year. At present, this track has become more and more crowded and homogeneous competition has appeared. In order to win the competition, some brands have launched product customization services. However, industry insiders believe that the service has certain requirements for the number and level of nutritionists, which is a threshold for many enterprises.

Health food financing fever

It is reported that the daily bacteria was founded in April this year. It provides "probiotic +" products for middle-class women aged 25 to 35. At present, its main product is probiotic chewable tablets. This round of financing will be mainly used for R & D investment, supply chain upgrading and channel expansion.

In addition to daily bacteria, tipsyou and mint health also received financing in November. Among them, tipsyou completed ten million yuan Angel round financing. The brand was founded last year and its products are mainly soft candy with herbal prescriptions. For example, aiming at the three needs of Qi and blood deficiency, defecation and detoxification, invigorating the spleen and removing dampness, it has launched "peach face" prescription, "Chang Shuang" prescription and "vitality" prescription candy. Each soft candy contains 8 to 10 traditional Chinese medicines. According to the R & D plan of tipsyou, in addition to candy, drinks, oral liquid, biscuits, jelly and other products will be added in the future.

In contrast, mint health is the "big brother" of this industry. Founded in 2008, it started with internet food database and weight management tools. It is understood that this round of financing is D2 round of financing, with a scale of 100 million yuan. Prior to this, the latest round of D1 financing took place in May this year. Its founder Ma Haihua said that the overall sales target of mint health this year is 1.5 billion yuan.

In September this year, two more health food brands obtained financing. Among them, each fresh said to get tens of millions of yuan of pre-A round of financing. The brand was founded last year. The funds from this round of financing will be used for new product development, team building, channel expansion and brand publicity. It is reported that the brand provides freeze-dried healthy and nutritious food for people aged 18 to 35. At present, there are three product lines.

Another brand fit8 has completed tens of millions of yuan of a + round financing. Zhang Guangming, the founder of the brand, said that the funds from this round of financing will be mainly used for category expansion and supply chain construction. With high-quality protein as the product core, it will continue to expand the healthy snack matrix, promote the full scene coverage of snack health, and use scientific and technological innovation to let future young people enjoy healthier products. It is reported that last year fit8 sales reached 117 million yuan.

In addition to the above brands, cutting-edge health food brands such as daily cooking, Dong eating, wonderlab, shark fitt, plant label and daily black Qiao all received financing this year.

The market performance of some brands did not disappoint capital. During this year's "double 11" period, shark fitt, mint health and fit8 performed brilliantly. Among them, from November 1 to November 11, the sales of shark fite chicken breast meat ranked first in the whole network. In the same period, mint health topped the sales list of tmall nutritional digestion biscuits, and fit8 ranked third.

Homogeneous competition in health food racing track

Although the healthy food track is favored by capital, the track has appeared homogeneous competition. In terms of products, many brands are launching ready to eat chicken breast, protein bar, meal substitute milkshake, probiotic fudge and other products. For example, there are more than ten brands in the category of ready to eat chicken breast, such as keep, mint health, shark fit, fit8, muscle little prince, etc.

In addition, the design style of the above product packaging also has similarities. For example, high saturation colors, cartoon animal images and exaggerated font styles are widely used in packaging to cater to the aesthetics of young consumers.

In terms of marketing, the above brands value fan economy and love young Popular Idols. For example, in November this year, keep announced that women's basketball player Yang Shuyu became "keep food vitality ambassador". Actor Wang Yibo announced his endorsement for daily Heiqiao and Wang satin in September this year. In addition, the spokesman of shark fitter is actor Peng Yuchang, wholy moly! Good! The brand spokesman of is actor Zhang Xincheng. Most of these spokesmen are post-95 and Post-00.