2021-11-24 15:27


People's Daily: strengthening supervision, medical and American consumption should return to rationality


[Beijing Direct News Network November 24th] (People's Daily)In recent years, with the economic and social development, the medical beauty industry has developed rapidly. At the same time, in order to seek illegitimate interests, some operators carried out false publicity on qualification and honor, product efficacy and plastic surgery efficacy, which aroused widespread concern. Some time ago, the State Administration of market supervision and administration announced the typical cases of anti unfair competition law enforcement in key areas in 2021 (the third batch), involving false publicity of doctors' qualifications, qualifications and honors of medical institutions, false publicity of the efficacy of medical beauty products, service efficacy and other behavior types. The regulatory authorities have severely cracked down on unfair competition in the medical and American market, such as false publicity, counterfeiting and confusion, investigated and dealt with a number of unfair competition cases in the medical and American market, made great efforts to standardize the competition order in the medical and American market, and demonstrated the determination of the market regulatory authorities to strictly rectify the chaos in the medical and American market.

In order to standardize the development of the industry, in recent years, China has continued to carry out special actions to crack down on illegal medical beauty. In May this year, the National Health Commission and other departments issued the work plan for the special rectification of illegal medical beauty services. The plan clearly cracked down on illegal medical beauty activities, strictly standardized the supervision of the production, circulation and use of drugs and medical devices related to medical beauty services, severely cracked down on the illegal manufacture and sale of drugs and medical devices, and seriously investigated and dealt with illegal advertising and Internet information. Recently, the State Administration of market supervision and Administration issued the guidelines for law enforcement of medical beauty advertisements, focusing on cracking down on the use of the name or image of patients to compare the effects before and after diagnosis and treatment or prove, and publishing medical beauty advertisements in disguise in the form of introducing health knowledge. Strengthening the supervision of the medical and beauty industry will better standardize the market order and protect the rights and interests of consumers.

Strengthening supervision is an inevitable requirement for the standardized and healthy development of medical and aesthetic industry. Only by further strengthening supervision can "black doctors" without certificates, unqualified "black institutions" and "black projects" without guarantee be eliminated from the market, and qualified, quality and guaranteed upstream businesses, medical beauty institutions and medical beauty platforms stand out. China is already one of the countries with the fastest growth rate in the global medical beauty market. Only by purifying the medical beauty market environment can we promote the sustainable and healthy development of China's medical beauty industry. In the final analysis, standardizing and strengthening supervision according to law is to promote healthier, more sustainable and longer-term development.

Strengthening the supervision of medical beauty industry is conducive to the development of medical beauty market and the return of medical beauty consumption to rationality. At present, China's medical beauty market is dominated by young consumers. During the winter and summer vacation, school promotion season and graduation season every year, many medical beauty institutions will push advertisements aimed at student groups. Minors are still in the stage of physical and mental development, more vulnerable to external influence and more need rational guidance. Regulatory authorities should strengthen supervision. Consumers should also be cautious about medical beauty, reasonably understand the efficacy of medical beauty, check the qualification of medical beauty institutions, and choose formal medical beauty institutions.

At present, the public aesthetic is becoming more and more diverse. Everyone can have his own answer to what beauty is. In the process of pursuing beauty, let's think more and be more rational.