2019-09-20 14:20


Multi-site designated pharmacies Off-Shelf health food brand merchants "pressure mountain big"



[Beijing Direct News Network September 20th] (knowledge economy)Some people say that this is the best time for health food. By 2017, the sales revenue of nutritional and health products in China had increased to 244.516 billion yuan. In 2018, the sales revenue of nutritional and health products in China will be close to 290 billion yuan, an increase of more than 18% over the previous year. The market scale of health food industry in China is expected to exceed 350 billion yuan this year. At present, China is the second largest consumer market of health care products in the world, and its market size is second only to that of the United States.

Others say that this is the worst time for health food. Because for health food, 2019 is doomed to be such a sad year as winter.

Since this year, health food has experienced a "bloody storm". According to Ali Channel monitoring data, the growth rate of domestic health product sales has declined for five consecutive months since this year, and it did not recover until June. After the Quanjian and Hualin Incidents, the "100-day Action" strengthened the rectification of the health food industry, followed by many health insurance departments requiring health insurance designated pharmacies (hereinafter referred to as designated pharmacies) to take off shelves health food and other non-medical products by means of document notification, agreement agreement, oral notification and meeting notification.

In the health food industry, according to the distribution channel structure, it is divided into two camps: direct marketing and non-direct marketing. Among them, non-direct marketing channels are mainly composed of pharmacies, online and Shangchao. However, drugstores are a high-quality marketing channel for health food. Through drugstores, accurate users can be found and potential customers can be developed. However, affected by the strengthening of supervision by relevant departments, sales of health food declined to a certain extent in the first half of the year, especially in pharmacies.

At present, about 20 cities'health insurance departments explicitly prohibit the placement and sale of health food in designated pharmacies by publicly issuing documents or by agreement.

To this end, our reporter visited a number of designated pharmacies in Chongqing.Many drugstores in Chongqing can still buy health care products

Recently, our reporter visited several large designated pharmacies in Jiangbei District of Chongqing City, including Peace Pharmacy, Dendrobium Xinyu Pharmacy, Zhenshan Meimei Pharmacy and so on. These pharmacies have obvious health food labels in display areas. Among them, there are many health food on display. The brands are mainly Tang Chen Beijian, Jiaotong Minister Angli, Bishengyuan, Bishengyuan, etc. Calcium Erqi, good survival, etc.

Our reporter asked the clerk if he had received the notice of the Off-Shelf health food. The other party said that he had not received the notice, and these products can be purchased with the medical insurance card. The staff of Heping pharmacy told our reporter that the sales volume of products did decline this year. Brand merchants can only cooperate with the pharmacy to increase the activity of health products. The slogan of "buy one for free" and "buy one for free" can be seen everywhere in the health food area.

The reporter of this magazine saw the sign of "non-medical insurance payment area" in the health food area of Shanmei Pharmacy. When the reporter asked the shop assistant if they could not use the medical insurance card to buy the health food in this area, she responded, "You can use the medical insurance card to buy, but there is only a product in this area that can not be paid with the medical insurance card. The label was posted to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Subsequently, our reporter came to Hongrui Lebanon Pharmacy. There are many products from other brands in the health products area, and some of them are health food produced by Hongrui Lebanon itself. From the discount strength of the products, the sales of Hongrui Lebanon are not satisfactory. In May this year, Hong Rui Lebang was exposed by CCTV for suspected false propaganda routines during the sales meeting.

Our reporter called Chongqing Municipal Human and Social Security Consulting Office to inquire whether health food can still be purchased in Chongqing's designated pharmacies. Staff told our reporter: "As long as there is a"food and health character"sign, you can use the medical insurance card to buy in the designated pharmacies."

The so-called "food health character" includes "national food health character" and "food health character". The difference between the two is that the approval period and the approval department are different. In the past, the Ministry of Health was responsible for examining and approving health food, and the approval number was "health food and health character". After October 2003, the examination and approval of health food was handed over to the State Food and Drug Administration. The number of health food re-examined and approved was "National Food and Health Character". At the end of March, pharmacies in many provinces and municipalities began to sell only health food with "national food and health character", which led to many "health food and health character" products being forced to "withdraw from the market". Some enterprise staff said that "health food and health character" were many old brands, including well-known trademarks, but could not be sold in many pharmacies. Let the enterprise be passive.