2021-11-24 15:09


Zhu Xiaolin


[Beijing Direct News Network November 24th] (Sina Finance)From November 9 to 15, 2021 (the 19th) Annual Conference on the competitiveness of Chinese enterprises was held in Beijing. The theme of this annual meeting is: a new journey on the road of rejuvenation. On November 15, the 2021 China new consumption Summit Forum was held. Zhu Xiaolin, foreign affairs director of the legal foreign affairs center of perfect (China) Co., Ltd., shared.

"Commerce consists of two elements: supply and demand. In 2021, many industries and fields have undergone drastic changes, especially the change of population structure on the demand side, that is, the wave of people who paid changed. The data show that generation Z has entered the center of the consumption stage," Zhu Xiaolin said.

Zhu Xiaolin said that in 2021, the number of generation Z exceeded 369 million, and the consumption payment is estimated to exceed 5 trillion yuan. What is the consumption view of generation Z? Value consumption, they care more about spiritual value than money value. They pursue hard cost performance. They are willing to queue up for two hours for a cup of milk tea, even if it is more expensive. They care about identity. They pay attention to the sense of participation, are willing to try various social currencies, and prefer to punch cards, join in the fun, and participate in all kinds of grass planting and weeding.

"The concept of subjective consumer groups has changed, and the logic of consumer services will also change. Perfect company will further explore the consumer values of the new era from the multi-dimensional aspects of product matching, service matching and social value matching," Zhu Xiaolin said.