2021-11-24 15:06


Jiang Yingqiang


[Beijing Direct News Network November 24th] (Jiang Yingqiang)As we all know, the direct selling industry has developed for more than 30 years. From integrating into the market environment to establishing preliminary market standards, then to stable development, and finally to the standard promotion period in recent years, the author has mainly experienced such four stages in his understanding. Not only the direct selling industry, but also many traditional industries follow such a law. Therefore, our industry is not so special, and there are many basic consensus and normal advantages in itself.

Every stage of industry development has an inseparable logical relationship with the word norm. This is not only the needs of society, but also the needs of enterprises, but also the needs of industry development.

It is also a subject to truly achieve standardization, which is mainly based on the "cooperation" relationship between industry supervision and compliance, publicity and inspection.

"Cooperation" is both bidirectional and resilient for both sides. Enterprises should develop the market, highlight the performance of the market and give back the performance to the society. Defined by market requirements and norms, the partners in the industry mainly include enterprises and markets under the regulatory authorities.

Based on the judgment and changes of the market situation, the regulatory authorities should orderly formulate and launch norms suitable for the market, and what the enterprises advocate is to put forward the requirements for the market to operate in strict accordance with the system, laws and regulations. If the market blindly pursues value and runs counter to the enterprise platform, it is not a fusion, but more like a contradiction.

In the process of pursuing value in the market, dealers often ignore the norms of regulatory authorities and enterprise requirements due to weak ideological awareness, lack of cultural understanding, discomfort of standardized management and negligence of "high mountain and far emperor", resulting in a large passive situation for the overall operation of the market and great trauma and impact on the enterprise and the market.

Therefore, I think strengthening the enterprise management of dealers is not only a very important topic, but also a difficult problem.

So how to organize the management behavior of dealers?

I think it is very important for dealers to truly integrate with enterprises and society in the future development of the industry. By strengthening the integration of market and society, we can not only improve the brand image of the enterprise, but also enhance the reputation of the industry in society, but also maintain and consolidate the good order conducive to market development, which is one of the important factors that directly affect the development prospect of the industry.

I think management is very important to effectively implement it and really grasp the market foundation.

1、 Enterprise platform is very important for top-level design of market management

The strategic positioning of any company's market management is very important. First of all, we should have a clear positioning and understand what we want? What can we give the market? What is the future development direction? What do marketing personnel pursue?

Due to the characteristics of the industry itself, I think we generally take career development as the foundation and win-win future, which is also the real charm of the industry. It is consistent and two-way, and it is the common demand of enterprises and the market. Therefore, positioning is very important.

The positioning is accurate. No matter how it develops, the direction is clear. To achieve this goal is still inseparable from the standardized, steady and orderly development. By taking the road of standardized management, we can form the management idea of sustainable development.

We should also make more efforts in education and culture to improve the training and guidance of market management concept. This is not only the core premise of standardization and stability, but also the hard truth for the future of career development. Therefore, enterprises should make more efforts in market management methods, take the market norms of regulatory authorities as the blueprint, and combine their own characteristics and requirements to give more publicity, communication and supervision to the market, even micro and specific, so as to ensure the healthy and stable development of the cause and win the future.

2、 Market dealers should change their thinking, improve their management concept, and apply the enterprise management mode to the management of their own system.