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Peng Zhiying


[Beijing Direct News NetworkJuly 7th] (Anfa)A pig iron worth 5 yuan can be worth 10 yuan after it is cast into a horseshoe. If it is made into an industrial magnetic needle, it can be worth thousands of yuan. If it is made into a spring of Patek Philippe watch, it will be worth hundreds of thousands of yuan.

This is Peng Zhiying's most profound insight since her work.

If she didn't want to change her fate and didn't leave home to go out to work, she might have been a rural housewife like many other villagers;

If you don't meet Anfa and choose Anfa, you may not be able to revive your career and achieve further success. What's more, you won't realize the happiness of helping others find their health and realize their dreams, and the value of being respected and appreciated by others

This issue of "Anfa dream chaser" series reports, we approach the outstanding Anfa dealer Peng Zhiying——

The struggle of poor girls and their dream

Peng Zhiying was born in a peasant family in Changde City, Hunan Province. Born in a poor family, her parents can't afford any entrepreneurial conditions, and there is no way to send her to a school with good conditions to study. However, as a self-improvement and independent child, she firmly believes that hard work can change her destiny.

In 1992, after graduating from the western medicine major of Changde health school, Peng Zhiying did not choose to work in the hospital like most of his classmates. She can't wait to start her own "business plan": marketing medical devices.

As the eldest of the four brothers and sisters in her family, she is eager to share the family, shield her parents from the wind and rain, go out of the countryside, stand on a larger stage, and become the pride of her parents.

God will live up to a hardworking person. Although she was "just born", she got up early and worked hard. After a month, she could earn five or six hundred yuan, which was higher than many of her peers. This made her feel very happy.

In 1998, Peng Zhiying began to sell drugs, working in hospitals and OTC markets, accumulating rich experience in the medical industry and further expanding her contacts.

In 2001, Peng Zhiying was introduced and transferred to life insurance. Diligent she, with more than others to fight the "desperate Sanniang" drive, soon became a life insurance department manager. It's been seven years

Peng Zhiying made great efforts to make her career prosperous and gradually close to her dream. However, there is a turbulent undercurrent under the beautiful life

Meet a must do business

Peng Zhiying's health has been seriously affected by his long-term running around, irregular work and rest, and huge pressure of life and career. She often feels extremely heavy, lumbago and fatigue. However, I went to many hospitals and took a lot of drugs, but the effect has been very little.

For the sake of health, under her husband's persuasion, she had no choice but to quit her life insurance job and stay at home.

In 2013, by a coincidence, Peng Zhiying met Anfa hi-tech's new polysaccharide products.

Years of working experience in the medical industry let her see the difference of Anfa products at a glance. According to the recommendation of the recommended teacher, she adjusted her work and rest and eating habits, and began to try the corresponding gannuo Baoli products.

The result is better than she expected! In just two or three months, my whole body seems to be lighter, and I can walk more forcefully.

After learning more about Anfa, she was even more excited like Columbus who discovered the new world: health is everyone's real need, and only with health can we have everything. Such a good health product, there must be prospects, but also can help others! And it doesn't take much time and energy to engage in Anfa business, just do it at home! Isn't Anfa the ideal entrepreneurial platform that he has been looking for for for many years?

"I must do Anfa business!" Peng Zhiying made up her mind.

Help others to achieve their goals and start again

There are dreams in my heart, goals in my eyes and actions at my feet!

In 2014, Peng Zhiying officially joined the health system of Anfa, and with the help of his instructor, he formulated a detailed learning and customer development plan, and immediately started to work.

She is eager to learn all the knowledge involved in Anfa's health career. She goes to all kinds of direct sales clubs, reading clubs, insurance clubs, President class learning clubs