2021-07-07 11:33


Xie Nan


[Beijing Direct News NetworkJuly 7th] (Lu Wang)On the occasion of the centenary of the Communist Party of China, in order to review the glorious struggle history of Shandong local Party organizations, we should educate the majority of Party members, cadres and the masses to know history, love the party, know history and love the country, never forget the original intention and remember the mission. In the party building activity of "striving for a new era and starting a new journey" of provincial key media, Lu net reporter interviewed Ms. Xie Nan, the Party member representative of unlimited dealers, to share her entrepreneurial road as a party member.

Firmly join the party and keep faith in mind

"If you want to know the main road, you must first be history.". The history of the Communist Party of China is a history of soul stirring revolution, a history of bold exploration, and a history of reform and opening up. After studying the history of the party, we can see the magnificent and smoky historical pictures. We can see the ambition of the older generation of revolutionaries who have the courage to practice and take responsibility. Xie Nan's love for joining the party is deeper and his ambition to join the party is stronger.

As a "post-80s" young Party member, Xie Nan grew up in a party member's family, receiving party education and joining the Communist Party of China has always been a dream in her heart. She said: "I am a young communist. I was born in a new era and grew up under the red flag. On the road of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, I shoulder not only the historical mission, but also the infinite hope. At the same time, I am also an entrepreneur in a new era. The reform and opening up has led us into a new era, and has given me more diversified choices. We can create a better life with our hands, inherit the Centennial spirit of the Communist Party of China, study hard and overcome difficulties. Even in ordinary posts, we can also make extraordinary achievements. "

From being a young pioneer and a member of the Communist Youth League as a child to becoming a glorious college student Party member, she submitted her application for joining the party for the first time. Every time she reported her thoughts and repeated her oath to join the party, Xie Nan's mind was greatly shocked and her thoughts were constantly baptized and sublimated.

Seize the opportunity to help healthy China

As the most important link in the sales channel chain from the enterprise to the end and consumers, the role of dealers in the market is huge. Speaking of entrepreneurship, Xie Nan talked as if she had opened a chatterbox. As for the original choice, she said: "in 2015, by chance, I officially became a distributor of limitless (China) Co., Ltd. With the continuous deepening of learning, the understanding of the company is becoming more and more clear. I am deeply impressed by the entrepreneurial spirit of Li Jinji and the corporate culture of "Sili and people". I firmly believe that if I walk side by side with such an enterprise, my entrepreneurial path will be different. " She said: "in the process of entrepreneurship, I always adhere to the honest and pragmatic work style, actively participate in the cause of poverty alleviation, and provide high-quality health services for customers with solid basic skills, warm-hearted, careful and patient professionalism."

At the end of the interview, Xie Nan also expressed her expectation. She said that as a member of the Communist Party of China, on the road of starting a business, she will always be strict with herself according to the standards of Party members, do a good job in the exemplary leading role of Party members, always maintain the enthusiasm for starting a business, and do a solid and pragmatic work. At the same time, I also wish our great Communist Party of China a happy birthday, always young, and wish our great motherland prosperity and create a more brilliant tomorrow.