2020-05-07 14:56




[Beijing Direct News Network May 7th] (Phoenix net)On April 16, Zhang Jing, vice president of Mary Kay China, received an interview from phoenix.com. Focusing on the adjustment and decision-making made by the beauty and skin care industry in the face of the spread of the global new crown epidemic, she described how multinational enterprises could seize the opportunity in adversity, give full play to their own advantages and jointly block the spread of the epidemic.

She pointed out that the current difficulties and problems did not hinder Mary Kay's determination to deliver positive energy and fight against the epidemic. In view of the impact of the epidemic on offline business, Mary Kay actively arranged the development and construction of online business. In the long run, people's consumption habits may change to some extent, and their attention to health will rise to a new height. Mary Kay will combine the existing business forms and products, grasp the market trend changes, do a good job in user analysis, product analysis, mining user needs, establish comparative advantages of products and services, do a good job in content dissemination, activity operation, and provide competitive products and services for consumers.

She said that in view of the spread of the epidemic in many parts of the world and the effective control in China, Mary Kay, as a multinational enterprise, has also explored a set of response measures, and is ready to recommend it to other countries and regions with more and more serious epidemic, and work together to cope with the global spread of the epidemic.

She believes that the international media, including fenghuang.com, through timely and in-depth reports, have presented the real-time progress of the epidemic for the society, vividly reproduced the touching stories and real scenes emerging in the battle without smoke of gunpowder, popularized the knowledge of epidemic prevention for the people, made everyone understand the progress of the war "epidemic" and worked together to fight "epidemic"; At the same time, it also provides sufficient communication channels for enterprises' love action and supply guarantee measures, and plays a positive role in promoting the stable operation of the industry and market.

The following is the interview record:

Ifeng.com: novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic impact on MaryKay? What adjustments will you make in marketing?

Zhang Jing: first of all, the offline training, meetings and customer visits of sales personnel have been affected to some extent, and some practical problems have also been encountered in the process of returning to work and production in the early stage. But in the face of all kinds of situations, Mary Kay responded quickly and actively. She carried out a series of construction and upgrading work in the aspects of remote office, online training, live broadcast platform, etc. in the process of promotion and implementation, she exercised and improved the enterprise's emergency response ability and response ability in the face of emergencies; at the same time, she also promoted the exploration and optimization of online market business. At present, the company has restored about 80% of its production capacity, and its daily operation has basically resumed.

Phoenix: how to deal with and resolve the adverse effects of the epidemic?

Zhang Jing: the current difficulties and problems of the epidemic did not hinder the steps of the beauty and skin care industries represented by Mary Kay to deliver positive energy and fight against the epidemic. After day and night R & D and careful preparation, Mary Kay launched a series of cloud courses and live events to help sales, "home" at home, business is endless.

From February 2, Mary Kay began to work in online cloud classroom. Through mobile phone client, short video platform and other channels, micro courses and live activities with different themes attracted tens of thousands of people to watch, and the first live broadcast attracted 70000 people to participate. Among these courses, there are some famous students who teach sales knowledge and skills, some medical professors who popularize health protection and immunity knowledge, and some experts who are good at making up in small classes, which inject positive energy into the audience. The series of micro courses and live activities combine the needs of different themes, products and people to ensure "online business" in special period and meet business needs. At the same time, in order to facilitate the timely and accurate handling of customers' business consultation, Mary Kay urgently restored wechat customer service on the fourth day of the lunar new year, and equipped with sufficient customer service personnel to answer relevant questions in detail.