2020-05-07 14:54


Weng Wenzhi


[Beijing Direct News Network May 7th] (Mary Kay)Recently, Ms. Weng Wenzhi, President of Mary Kay China, was invited to participate in the high-end business forum of China EU International Business School, the chief executive of which discussed with Professor Wang Gao of China EU International Business School and Zhu Dingping, executive president of BNC China of Jianhe group, on "the foothold and development of enterprises in the post epidemic era".

Optimistic about the prospect of FMCG and service industry, striving to serve the market and benefit the people

Faced with the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic spreading globally, almost all enterprises have been challenged by great challenges, and consumption recovery has only begun. Reporters learned from the forum that MaryKay China's sales in March exceeded the same period last year. For Mary Kay to be able to quickly respond to the impact of environmental change, Weng Wenzhi attributed this to the foundation laid by the enterprise in the long-term development.

"In fact, Mary Kay started her online business very early and began to lay out e-commerce system in 2003. After the outbreak began, Mary Kay announced the launch of online sales training on the fifth day of the year, so that the business mode could adapt to the changes as much as possible. " During golden week 51 tiktok, MaryKay is still broadcasting live, and has released 2020 trend, and has received 600 thousand people online.

After the outbreak, Weng Wenzhi expressed full confidence in the potential of the Chinese market for the future of the industry. "This is a market that develops rapidly and is very pioneering." And she put forward that "FMCG and service industry are born for the people. The primary strategy of any enterprise based on the market is to serve the market and the society. Enterprises that can improve the happiness index of the people will have better development!"

Mary Kay China 25 years - profit, investment, development, reinvestment, redevelopment

Mary Kay came to China in 1995, becoming one of the first international cosmetics brands to enter the Chinese market, and rapidly growing into one of China's major beauty brands, providing consumers with high-quality products for many years. In Weng's view, Mary Kay China has been in a positive cycle of profit, investment, development, reinvestment and redevelopment for 25 years.

820 million administrative center, 500 million Asia Pacific production center, 80 million yuan R & D Center Good profitability has won Mary Kay's long-term and sustained investment in China; at the same time, the enterprise does not forget to return to the society. In the first year of profitability, Mary Kay women's entrepreneurship fund was established to help more people.

Based on the foresight of the Chinese market, Mary Kay is committed to constantly creating products that can better meet the needs of consumers. 25 years ago, Mary Kay brought "basic five steps" to enlighten the skin care awareness and knowledge of Chinese women. Today, consumers are becoming picky, and Mary Kay is becoming "innovative". At the recent 2020 Shanghai International Beauty Festival, Mary Kay released the "Yitai research" sub brand, which is about to bring new skin care experience of technology and energy for Chinese women.

In the future, Mei Wenzhi said that she will firmly continue to invest in China, actively innovate and develop steadily.