2020-05-07 14:53


Zheng Huihua


[Beijing Direct News Network May 7th] (An Hu)Wolf's survival is to create a strong living space in a bad living environment; wolf's group is to organize a strong team power in a competitive environment; wolf's wisdom is to constantly surpass the strong, and firmly adhere to the ideal and belief of "survival in adversity, the king will win". In the eyes of wolves, you can never see the discouragement of failure, because they know that no matter how many failures they have experienced, the final success must belong to them. So the wolf is always the king of the grassland.

Wolf nature is determined to act, to act, to strive and to rise. Wolf nature is a kind of fearless and hard-working thinking of the strong. Wolf culture is increasingly known, recognized and respected, and is becoming an important characteristic of cadres' spirit.

In today's increasingly fierce world competition environment, the development of enterprises can not be separated from a loyal and honest, efficient implementation, unity and cooperation team, sharing weal and woe with the enterprise.

Loyalty is the most important quality

For an enterprise, what is the most important quality? Loyalty is absolutely the first. Loyalty is not only a kind of loyalty to Chen Dong, his department and the company, but also a kind of respect and responsibility for his career. Loyalty and dedication, will be a strong sense of responsibility and efficient execution of the integration, scrupulous, meticulous. To be responsible for the enterprise, to do something beneficial to the enterprise, and to consciously safeguard the honor and interests of the enterprise are all loyal to the enterprise.

Dedication, first of all, to love the industry, to establish a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility. Often career is more important than knowledge, because there is no sense of mission, no dedication, no courage to forge ahead, knowledge is just decoration, and ultimately can not be transformed into ability and achievement. Dedication, but also perseverance and perseverance, indomitable will to forge ahead, unremitting efforts and hard work, not afraid of hardship.

For Party members and cadres, they should love the cause of safety and benefit and establish the belief that being responsible for their work is to be responsible for themselves. Know how to think hard, be diligent and dedicated, take the initiative to enrich knowledge, strive to do everything well, take more actions and complain less, consider problems from the company's position, give full play to their own advantages, strive for perfection, and actively do a good job.

Chairman Chen Hui often said: as long as we work hard, there are more ways than difficulties. Learn more work skills, be good at grasping the "key points" of completing tasks, and try to borrow all the available forces, which will be able to perfectly solve the problems in work and create value for the enterprise.

Execution brings impetus. In addition to decision-making or participation in decision-making, leading cadres are more about implementation. Executive power refers to the specific operational ability to implement the organization's intention and achieve the predetermined goals. If the execution is strong, the driving force is strong. Form the habit of "say do it, do it well, act quickly, concentrate and do it wholeheartedly".

Strong in "fighting for blood"

"If you don't sing, you'll be amazed." Always keep the sense of crisis, with the ability and wisdom of being quick, first and superior to others, keenly grasp the development opportunities and break through the bottleneck constraints. Dare to fight for the first place, dare to create the only one, meet the brave on the narrow road, the more difficult and dangerous it is, the more forward it is, and break a blood path and open a world in the regional competition.

Fearless and invincible. Creativity activates productivity. The ability to overcome difficulties and create performance is creativity. In the process of achieving the company's goals, leading cadres need us to be brave and cautious, think more about ways, offer more practical moves, and creatively complete the tasks assigned by superiors.

Finish tasks efficiently, put into work with the best mental state, and give full play to your potential. More practical work, less empty talk; more deepening, more refinement, less empty talk; more passion, less buck passing, so as to complete our work better.

The "wolf" cadre team should have the courage and courage to "be the first and never be the second", and to be a team of "five dares": dare to seize the opportunity, dare to fight against the contradiction, dare to stand up in the face of crisis, dare to take responsibility in the face of mistakes, and dare to stop in the face of unhealthy practices; It should be a team with "five abilities": the ability to use dialectical thinking to plan the company's high-quality development, the ability to learn advanced science and technology and management experience, the ability to use linkage and integrity to make correct decisions, the ability to investigate and research the operation law of things and solve problems scientifically, and the ability to play the team spirit to improve the implementation efficiency.