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Hu Jing


[Beijing Direct News Network November 8th] (Wuyuan released)It's warmer to come back from thousands of miles. My hometown is my concern. On the occasion of the preparation of the first Wucheng development conference in 2019, Wucheng set up a financial media interview group to carry out a large-scale interview of Wucheng's rural talents. The collection and compilation backbone of Wucheng District financial media center formed several interview teams, which went to all parts of the country to visit, listen to the local voice and describe the local conditions. They were released simultaneously in newspapers, TV and new media platforms in various forms such as pictures and texts, short videos, etc. to carry forward the dedication, hard work, patriotism and love of the local spirit of all the local people, create a strong atmosphere for the first development conference, and promote the "two cities" war A little deeper and a little more solid.

She is very beautiful, but her beauty is not in vain. This kind of beauty in the silent place is the warm luster accumulated by the scenery you have seen on your face, and the leisurely and elegant soul depicted in your heart.

She is very strong. She is young, middle-aged and self-employed. Along the way, she has experienced ups and downs of life script, and has also reaped great success in her career. Looking at the thousand sails, she finally stood at a height that many people could not reach.

She is Hu Jing, a sage in Wucheng, a strong man who has made great achievements in shopping malls and a beautiful woman who has become more and more brilliant after years of carving.

From small mountain village to metropolis

She sang all the way through difficulties on the way to entrepreneurship

Before seeing Hu Jing, just listening to the name, a quiet and graceful image of Jiangnan woman will emerge in my mind unconsciously. When she appears in front of her, she will find that it is not true: Hu Jing is not "quiet", on the contrary, she is warm and generous, and speaks with a clear and frank voice: "from small to large, I am not afraid of anything. I think I can go to this day, in the final analysis is love toss. "

Hu Jing was born in Tangtou village, Tashi Township, 42 kilometers from Jinhua City. Most of the children born in the mountains have an aggressive spirit, and Hu Jing is no exception. "I have always thought that winter in my hometown is so cold. I want to go out and see the wonderful world outside." Hu Jing thinks so and does so. From small to large, she is the most hardworking in the village. Because of this effort, she walked out of the village school and came to Tangxi middle school to study in junior high school. In her junior high school years, she became more and more strict with her own requirements. Such strict requirements made her never fall out of the top three in the class, and also sent her to Jinhua No.1 middle school, which is recognized as a good middle school in Jinhua. "Entering the first middle school in Jinhua is a crucial step in my life. But I know it's just a site, not a destination. "

With this idea in mind, Hu Jing went all the way from Jinhua No.1 middle school to Zhejiang University. After graduation, she came to the forefront of the reform and opening-up of the motherland. "At that time, there was a job assignment, but I felt that my life could not be limited to this, so I resigned from the" iron rice bowl ", entered the enterprise, and then started my own business."

There will never be less supporters walking side by side on the road of opening up territory. Hu Jing's husband, Chen Huaide, chairman of Fudi Health Technology Co., Ltd., had to be mentioned in the process of her hard work and growth. In the 1980s, at the beginning of the opening up of the motherland, Hu Jing, who was working in Shenzhen at that time, got to know Chen Huaide, who was already a famous entrepreneur at that time. The two souls with common aspirations collided at that time and started the nearly 30-year joint life path.

After the marriage with Chen Huaide, Hu Jing, who loves to toss and turn, did not just stay at home to teach her husband and son like most of the women behind the entrepreneurs, but chose to continue to pursue their ideals, fight side by side with Chen Huaide, and develop their common cause.

In 1994, Fuyou group established a subsidiary in Shanghai, Fudi Health Technology Co., Ltd., and started to develop its business at the same time. This has made the company a "time-honored brand" in the industry, and the names of Chen Huaide and Hu Jing have been engraved on the monument of the industry's development history forever.