2019-09-20 13:56


Weng Zhi Wu



[Beijing Direct News Network September 20th] (First finance)Women's growth process has too many popular expectations of the label, the character to be innocent and lovely or gentle and elegant, to be able to work, but not too strong, but also to take into account work and family... Faced with these deep-rooted prejudices, some people feel at ease, while others yearn for more possibilities.

In 1963, Ms. Mary Kay Ash made such a choice. Although she had been very successful in her original business, she had no chance of promotion. Seeing so many injustices against women, she wanted to win herself, including other women, and the company was founded. Today, Mary Kay's business has covered nearly 40 countries and regions on five continents. Adhering to the original intention of helping women achieve personal growth and economic success, over the past half century, Mary Kay has paved the way for more than one million women worldwide to succeed in their careers. In 1995, Mary Kay officially entered the Chinese market. When the company was about to celebrate its 25th anniversary in China, she also welcomed Weng Wenzhi, the first female president in China.

First Voice of Finance and Economics has the privilege of talking to Ms. Weng Wenzhi, President of China of Mary Kay, to explore how Mary Kay sticks to her corporate mission of "enriching women's lives" and finds prospects and potential for development in the process of empowering women.

"My greatest reward is to see Mary Kay's mission, not only on the wall, but also on everyone's body. —— Ms. Weng Wenzhi, President of Mary Kay China

At the beginning of the interview, Ms. Weng mentioned an article which aroused a heated discussion on the Internet on July 29, namely Haiqing's speech on middle-aged actresses at the First Youth Film Exhibition. It is believed that half of the Chinese people know these actresses. They have good looks, strength, acting skills and attitudes, but why do they beg for roles? Besides the performing arts, other professions, other professions? Such women (especially middle-aged women) need to call for their own opportunities can be said to be everywhere. So it is brave to enrich women's life half a century ago, and it is still needed today.

Twenty-four years ago, Ms. Weng was attracted to Mary Kay's advertisement in Xinmin Evening News. She saw Mary Kay's gene: sticking to the mission of "enriching women's lives". Out of her yearning for independent and valuable women, she joined Mary Kay.

"We should really give women more opportunities to show themselves and make them really feel valuable" - Ms. Weng Wenzhi, President of Mei Linkai China

Ms. Weng said that every woman should first think about her own positioning, whether she wants to be the "nanny" of the family or the "help" of the family. Like a nanny, the role of "nanny force" can be replaced and is of no value. And "help" can be a helper to promote Mr. Business, but also a role model for children, that is, the help of children's growth. To be the "help" of such a family, it must be an independent personality with its own career and values.

In today's era of Internet economy and sharing economy, Ms. Weng believes that every woman wants to be a "help" to show the value of her existence. As a global brand company with 56 years of development, spanning nearly 40 countries and regions, Mary Kay has a global vision of cross-border, but also wonders how to empower Chinese women. Therefore, in the new era, Mary Kay combines the high-tech advantages of the Internet economy, providing online and offline, "heaven and earth" easy-to-recycle training system. The so-called "heaven" is cloud lessons, all knowledge products, skills and services, etc., are presented in 5 to 7 minutes of short and concise cloud lessons, so that every woman can constantly explore the unknown world in learning. In addition to learning, Mary Kay also offers a lot of incentive programs to enable women to broaden their horizons, get out of the comfort zone and go to the world. For example, let them travel abroad to study, go to higher education institutions, improve their dreams of further education in university.

According to Nielsen, one of the most popular jobs for young women born in the 1990s is beauty bloggers. From the original point of view, to build a KOL, there must be a team. Now, Mary Kay's entire team is a company, from products, shapes, to high-tech weapons, the company has all been built, as long as they can spread to the guests. For example, in April 2019, Mary Kay launched a brand-new makeup (pink young), in addition to products, but also with Milan to do seasonal makeup shape, beauty consultants can use makeup and shape, to help customers according to needs to change beauty. It is through Mary Kay's "beautiful WE career" that more women can truly become beautiful and healthy KOL, and achieve themselves in such a platform.

"If you want to keep poetry and distance, you must be deeply involved in rice noodles and soup" - Ms. Weng Wenzhi, President of Mei Linkai China

Mary Kay's original intention and mission is to enrich women's life. Ms. Weng believes that women's life is not only external, but also internal. By 2030, China's national policy is healthy China. Mary Kay's mission can be said to be in complete and highly consistent with the national policy of the country.

Ms. Weng shared that one of the most influential words in her career was "You can do it". Only by setting higher goals can we get a bigger stage. There used to be a little girl who graduated from high school and worked in ordinary jobs before. Ms. Weng encouraged her to challenge to be the chief distributor. At that time, there were only two distributors in the country (there are 135 now). Ms. Weng asked her if she wanted to be the third one. She said how could this be done, but with the help of "you can do it", she did it two years later. Therefore, Ms. Weng believes that life is no matter sooner or later, efforts are no matter age, the most common change, can also change the most ordinary you.

At the end of the interview, Ms. Weng encouraged all women with a simple metaphor: "If you want to keep poetry and distance, you must be deep in rice noodles and soup." That is to say, we must taste the sweat and tears of life in the grain cereals everyday, and then we can have the stage lights.