2021-11-24 15:55


Limitless Huang Jianlong: condense the power of kindness and inherit benevolence with innovation


[Beijing Direct News Network November 24th] (Infinite)On November 16, 2021 [interface Health Forum] hosted by Shanghai newspaper group interface news was held online. Mr. Huang Jianlong, chief executive of limitless (China) Co., Ltd., attended the grand ceremony and delivered a keynote speech entitled "condensing the force for good and inheriting benevolence through innovation".

The following is the full text of the speech:

Ladies and gentlemen,

Dear leaders, experts and friends from the press

hello everyone!

I'm very glad that limitless (China) won the title of "big health innovation enterprise of the year" in the selection of 2021 "evergreen Award". Due to the epidemic situation, it is a pity that I can't come to the award scene to accept the honor and feel the glory. On behalf of limitless (China), I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to Shanghai newspaper group | interface news and the 2021 "evergreen Award" selection organizing committee, warmly congratulate the convening of the "great health forum", and pay high tribute to the friends who have always cared about and supported limitless (China).

Health is an eternal topic. Some people say that smart people invest in health, understanding people save health, ordinary people ignore health, and confused people overdraw health. Limitless (China) once participated in the compilation of the white paper on China's health economy. In the research, it was found that for every 1 yuan invested in front-end prevention, 8.5 yuan of medical expenses could be saved. In other words, choosing a healthy lifestyle is the simplest, most economical and effective way to obtain health and reduce diseases.

A healthy lifestyle is the common pursuit of modern people. In 2020, the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak disrupted people's pace of life, but at the same time, it made people realize the importance of health. The national "14th five year plan" clearly puts forward in the "vision goal for 2035" that "comprehensively promote the construction of healthy China, accelerate the development of health industry, and give priority to the protection of people's health."

Driven by multiple factors such as policy support, population aging, especially the improvement of health awareness brought by the epidemic, health preservation is becoming a consumption trend. The agency predicts that the epidemic situation will accelerate the development of China's health industry for 5-10 years, and the scale of health industry will reach 14.48 trillion yuan by 2023. As a member of the health food industry of traditional Chinese medicine, how can we continue to make efforts at the beginning of the century and contribute to the realization of the next Centennial goal? We believe that the key is to take the initiative to assume the health responsibility of the enterprise, follow the trend and touch the stone for innovation.

1、 Condense the strength for good and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the industry. China's traditional Chinese medicine health food industry began in the 1980s. For decades, while the health food industry of traditional Chinese medicine has been booming, there have been some chaos, resulting in the damage of consumer confidence and the obstruction of enterprise development.

The health industry is an emerging industry with great market potential. It is connected to the well-being of people's livelihood on the one hand and economic development on the other. It is becoming increasingly important for the construction of a healthy China. American economist Paul ˙ Pilzer once called it the "fifth wave of wealth" in the world after the IT industry.

However, as Xu Huafeng, Secretary General of the China Health Association, said at the press conference of the "positive energy action" of China's health food industry and the proposal to establish a public service day of China's health food industry on May 19 this year, "In the tide of the rapid expansion of the health industry market, many enterprises are competing. Whether they can use products and services to meet people's health needs, and whether there can be more and more excellent enterprises and brands to help realize the indicators of Health China action is not only a historical opportunity for the health food industry, but also a test of the times."

Data show that: novel coronavirus pneumonia, 65% of consumers' attention and trust in Chinese medicine have been improved, plus 12% of Chinese medicine before, and consumers who have been concerned about and trusted by Chinese medicine have reached 77%.