2021-11-24 15:51


Herbalife Dong Ruiping: making brand differentiation the core of development


[Beijing Direct News Network November 24th] (China business daily)"How to meet the needs of different groups of people in specific market segments will play a key role in the brand of the enterprise, including the success of the enterprise in the future."

On the morning of November 15, the "blooming · new domestic goods - 2021 China new consumption Summit Forum" hosted by China business daily and hosted by China economic future was held in Beijing. Dong Ruiping, vice president of foreign affairs of Herbalife China, attended and participated in the round table forum around the theme of "brand building in the new consumption era" and shared her views.

Dong Ruiping mentioned that for Herbalife, a differentiation advantage of the brand is to provide consumers with one-to-one personalized services. Herbalife research found that at present, more and more post-90s pay attention to health and health preservation, hoping to improve their overall health through the scientific use of nutritional and health food.

"In addition, they also have their own personalized needs. Of course, in addition to the post-95 and Z generations, the silver haired group is still an important group for health food consumption. How to meet the needs of specific market segments of different groups will play a great role in the brand of the enterprise, including the success of the enterprise," said Dong Ruiping.

High quality development differentiation is the core

Referring to brand value, Dong Ruiping believes that the most basic point of brand value is the customer's experience of the brand. First, the product is the soul. In addition, the brand should also meet the development needs of the times. For example, in recent years, with the rapid development of China's social economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for health or nutrition is also increasing. In terms of Herbalife, the company's philosophy or vision is to make the world healthier and happier and promote the healthy life concept of nutrition + sports. Herbalife is a leading global nutrition company, so while doing its main business, it is also promoting the healthy life concept of nutrition + sports.

In addition, service differentiation is also the basis of brand. The in-depth understanding of nutrition knowledge is a challenge for ordinary people. It is difficult for consumers to buy nutrition products that are really suitable for their body directly in shopping malls, supermarkets or e-commerce platforms. Herbalife provides consumers with high-quality services through service providers. Herbalife service providers with rich nutrition knowledge are also consumers' health consultants. They go deep into the community and provide exclusive nutrition programs according to individual characteristics to help people achieve nutrition and health goals. Meanwhile, Herbalife service providers also spread scientific diet concept, nutrition and health knowledge and healthy life concept to customers through their own nutrition club.

Dong Ruiping said: "One of Herbalife's great brand differentiation advantages is service. We have 6500 nutrition clubs across the country, which can provide one-to-one nutrition counseling for consumers, including providing a healthy lifestyle, providing tailor-made nutrition programs, and urging them to achieve their personal health goals. In addition, corporate social responsibility is also very important to brand building Therefore, Herbalife also attaches great importance to the creation of social value. Recently, we also released a global corporate social responsibility report, which shows Herbalife's original intention to fulfill social responsibility from the aspects of environment, society and governance. "

At present, China has put forward the goal of "3060" and Herbalife has also put forward the goal of "3050". By focusing on "plastic reduction", we can achieve the goal of improving the core competence of enterprises and benefiting the society. "Because our products are mostly plastic packaging, we can reduce the impact on society and the environment from this perspective, and benefit consumers and all stakeholders at the same time."

Feel the pulse of young consumer groups

In recent years, China's economy and society have made great progress, people's living standards have been significantly improved, and people's pursuit of a better life has also driven the pursuit of higher-level nutrition and health. Since high-quality customer experience is the basis of brand construction and high-quality products are the soul of enterprise brand, how to understand the real needs of consumers? How to ensure Product quality is always stable?