2019-11-08 14:41


Baoge's theory of Relativity: you want to change the world, but you don't want to change yourself?


[Beijing Direct News Network November 8th] (Baoge's theory of relativity)Two days ago, when I was free occasionally, I saw a column of CCTV, the compere competition. All the excellent comperes selected and sent by the local TV stations came to the competition. They were quick, calm and intelligent, and the golden sentences came out frequently, which was amazing. Indeed, they answered the sentence of "CCTV knows if there is any" from netizens.

Later, I learned that the program was the first to be watched from the very beginning. Both the judges and the contestants caused a lot of heated discussion. This lineup was also praised by netizens as "the highest standard in the Chinese host community today" - the immortal fight, which is really good-looking!

Good enough, good enough

This kind of program can stand out in the overwhelming "talent show" program, because it is excellent enough. More than 40% of the top 60 competitors in China participated in the competition, most of them were the elites of famous universities, with first-class professional skills and on-the-spot reactions. Secondly, the host and tutor were also the absolute masters in the domestic professional field, whose comments were vivid.

With this interesting program, I can't help but talk about two "not fresh" thoughts:

Do you still value your growth space?

Do you still have the habit of sticking to your study after you leave school and your former job?

"I'm old enough to learn!"

"Life is busy enough. How can I learn?"

"I can't use these things at all. I'll learn them for nothing!"


I believe that there are not a few people with such ideas. As time goes by, being content with the status quo and not thinking about making progress will be like two brothers who will be around you. For many people, though they dare not say that they can see 10 years later, they can see that 10 months later, they must be exactly the same as they are now.

It's a terrible thing, because it's you who personally cut off your chance of growing up.

Dong Qing said that no matter how busy he was, he insisted on reading for one hour every day and never stopped.

I dare not say that I can keep learning every day, but whether on the train or on the plane, I will use reading or receiving information through mobile phones to pass the time. In this era of more and more convenient access to knowledge, what we need to do is to make good use of these fragmented time, learn something every day, receive some valuable information, and make knowledge and skills continuously updated.

There are often two kinds of people around us: one is the spectator, the other is the actor. Most people want to change the world, but no one wants to change themselves.

The first step in self-improvement is to raise the scalpel to oneself.

If you are dissatisfied with your present self, if you still have good expectations for the future, if you want to be like those excellent people, and bloom your own brilliance on the stage of life, please take a solid road first.

Are you still doubting the importance of profession?

Many people will divide their career into another "369 grade".

They think that only such professions as doctors, lawyers and R & D technicians need to pay attention to the so-called "professionalism", while other types of work do not need, or even many of them are "God rewards food" - it has to be said that people who still have this idea today are no different from those who make opportunistic investment.

No matter what industry, if you want to be excellent and make achievements, you can't do without the word "professional". You have to devote yourself to your work, and you have to work hard to hone your skills, so that you can become professional and gain achievements.

We also need to ask ourselves how far away we are from professionalism in our field. Can we avoid those unprofessional actions and behaviors, and can we make your clients feel your professionalism, so as to have a sense of trust in you?

There is no doubt that only those who have professional knowledge, professional ability and professional spirit are good at summarizing in time, can refine theory from practice accumulation, and as time goes on, can they really have forward-looking thinking, and their life and career can be increasingly open.