2019-11-08 14:38


Limitless Li HuiSen: faith is more important than gold



[Beijing Direct News Network November 8th] (Unlimited)When an expedition ran out of water in the desert, the team leader took out a water bottle: "there is still water here, but no one can drink it before crossing the desert." Looking at the kettle, the team members were immediately excited, and immediately had courage and confidence. When they finally got out of the desert, the captain told them that the kettle was actually filled with sand.

This is the power of faith. Faith can make people see hope in a desperate situation, move from darkness to light, and make dreams come true. Even dry sand can become a spring. So someone said, "faith is more important than gold.".

If a person just wants to live, a bowl of rice and a glass of water may be enough, but if he wants to live a wonderful life and realize his lofty ideals and aspirations, he must have firm faith.

For enterprises and entrepreneurs, faith is like a beacon guiding the direction, illuminating our way forward and clearing away our confusion; faith is like the "calcium" in spirit, which makes us more tenacious, not flinch in front of difficulties, not waver in front of challenges, forge ahead to goals, play potential and even create miracles.

In the 131 years since Li Jinji started his business, he has experienced many difficulties and challenges. In the 27 years of unlimited development, he has also faced such crises as product failure and forced transformation. But it is because we have always cherished our mission and dream, and even in the most difficult times, we have not extinguished the torch of faith. Only by integrating customers and enterprises, constantly adapting to changes and breaking through innovation, can we turn every challenge into an opportunity for our own growth.

Today, with the complexity of technology, demand and external environment, there are more and more uncertainties, and the competition and challenges facing the company are unprecedented. But the more we are in such a situation, the more we need to be firm in our belief, see opportunities in changes, take the initiative to change, seize opportunities and shape new development advantages.

No matter how the world changes, people's needs for health and happiness will not change. With the continuous promotion of the "healthy China" strategy, the mission of "carrying forward the excellent health culture of China and creating a balanced, rich and harmonious healthy life" will become more and more meaningful and valuable. I firmly believe that as long as we continue to remember our original intention, firm faith and carry forward our mission, we will be able to create more history, let the Chinese health culture benefit more people and make greater contributions to society!