2021-11-24 15:04


Asha Gupta was promoted to President of Amway Asia


[Beijing Direct News Network November 24th] (Headline information platform overseas reports)Amway announced that Asha Gupta will hold the dual positions of president and chief strategy and enterprise development officer in Asia. Gupta will now be fully responsible for the company's operations in Asia and continue to perform her corporate strategic management responsibilities.

In the new position, Gupta will be responsible for leading the company's global long-term enterprise development strategy and evaluating strategic growth opportunities, which will help Amway business owners (ABOS) meet customer needs and develop online business. In addition to the company's strategic guidance, she will also lead the company's strategic acquisition and alliance plan.

"In a very short time, Asha has developed great enthusiasm and understanding for Amway's business," said milind pant, chief executive of Amway, "Asha's professional experience as a global leader in transformational enterprises makes her qualified for this position. She has been engaged in direct sales for 27 years, including 23 years of direct sales experience at Tupperware. She served as the president of the company's Asia Pacific region and was responsible for marketing the largest regional market. Early in Tupperware's career, she was the general manager of India and vice president of Asia Pacific region, With 32 consecutive quarters of business growth, Tupperware has gained super brand status in India. After taking office, she will work closely with Amway's multicultural sales team across Asia. "