2021-07-07 11:28


Hou Zhongrui, senior planner, helps to get together with wanghong live University


[Beijing Direct News NetworkJuly 7th] (Longrich)A few days ago, juhao wanghong live University, created by juhao Global Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ transaction code: jwel), officially opened. The establishment of juhao wanghong live university has attracted the help of many industry celebrities. Hou Zhongrui, a senior planner, a practical education tutor of short video live broadcasting, a 0-1 operator of live broadcasting, a project leader of 100 000 + paid members of Weigu international, and a designated service organization for Internet entrepreneurship training of Changshu human resources and Social Security Bureau, joined juhao wanghong live broadcasting university to teach the first batch of students.

It is reported that Hou Zhongrui mainly focuses on live data application and digital replication, PK mechanism, video drainage and other aspects to bring professional knowledge to the students. In class, Hou Zhongrui said that live data replication is an important dimension of e-commerce operation. It is not enough to focus on the sales volume of a live broadcast. We need to formulate the rhythm of the overall live broadcast and optimize it in real time through the change of data.

After analyzing the application of live data and digital replication, Hou Zhongrui also conducted group PK for the students. In the process of PK, the students can apply what they have learned and copy the live data in real time. Every student can grow rapidly in the live broadcast.

For student anchors, the growth brought about by data replication is very rapid, sometimes just a change in script will evolve into explosive growth. It is believed that juhao live university students will pay more attention to live data replication and apply data replication to every live broadcast.