2019-11-08 13:45


Letter from Chairman Pan Xiaofei to ShuangDi's family in October


Dear ShuangDi family:

Hello everyone!

[Beijing Direct News Network November 8th] (shuangdi)The sky is high and the clouds are light, the wind blows on the face, and nature waves a golden brush to spray and dye the land of the motherland to the full, drawing one inspiring and proud grand blueprint after another. This is the precious wealth given to us by the beautiful new era. It is giving us infinite development momentum with super accumulation, and motivating us to better contribute to the benefit of human health in the pursuit of excellence.

October's ShuangDi, while developing steadily, pursues a qualitative leap with a "higher level" mentality.

In October, the market expanded steadily. The company has conducted effective communication with the key members of the team to clarify ideas and unify ideas for the work at the end of the year. The functional departments of the headquarters continue to move towards specialization around the service front line and improve quality and efficiency, striving to consolidate and stabilize the market cornerstone, while laying a good foundation for the start of next year. Please rest assured that ShuangDi company will make every effort to provide support in all aspects from products to services with a down-to-earth and persistent attitude.

In October, the meeting of senior and middle-level cadres of the company was held in Biovalley. With the theme of benchmarking, learning and making, cadres at all levels strengthen intensive management and fine service with the belief of hard work, unity and cooperation, and mission to achieve, and mobilize all staff to rush to the end of the year. The spirit and morale of the headquarter will echo with the market, and transfer and copy the ShuangDi brand, culture and products to a far away place.

In October, the company completed the on-site review of Dalian Jinpu New Area Government Quality Award. The quality award is a government honor awarded to organizations that have made remarkable achievements in quality, economy, social benefits, etc. by implementing excellent performance management. The company takes the opportunity of participating in the application and review of quality awards, and takes the pulse of the review team and physical examination as the direction of improvement, so as to move from excellence to excellence. We are looking forward to the results of the review, but also more aware of their own shortcomings, through the accumulation of small improvements, to achieve excellent quality of enterprises and products.

Family members, only through constant self transformation can we realize the qualitative change of career and life. No miracle, only the track of your efforts; no luck, only the courage of your persistence; every harvest, is your unremitting efforts; every sweat, is the accumulation of your success.

"The accumulation of soil is the mountain, the accumulation of water is the sea". Only by accumulating the quantitative change of little improvement can we achieve the qualitative change towards excellence. Happiness and a bright future will not appear on their own. Success belongs to the brave and dedicated people. Family members let us cheer together, with every day's hard work, to unremitting, the pursuit of excellence of the sweat blood horse spirit to meet every sunrise!