2020-06-19 17:19


Visiting the sampling points of nucleic acid detection in Haidian District of Beijing


[Beijing Direct News Network June 19] (Sina pictures)On June 18, at Haidian District nucleic acid testing and sampling point, medical staff carried out nucleic acid testing and sampling for the public. On the same day, there was rain in Beijing. At the district level nucleic acid detection and sampling point in Haidian District, Beijing, the staff stuck to their posts to help prevent and control the epidemic. It is understood that Haidian District of Beijing takes an open space in the west of its jurisdiction as a sampling point for nucleic acid detection at district level. The staff come from Haidian District CDC, secondary hospitals, community health service centers and third-party institutions. 12 detection stations are set up on site, with the detection time from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. According to reports, at present, 29 streets and towns in Haidian District have also set up nucleic acid detection and sampling points in their respective jurisdictions. Photographed by Ren Chao, reporter of Xinhua News Agency