2020-06-19 15:02


"Octopus app" is questioned: yingmi Technology Co., Ltd. is punished for involving in communication


[Beijing Direct News Network June 19] (Social Finance)Recently, social finance found a Tongxiang market supervision and Administration Bureau on the official website of Tongxiang market supervision and Administration Bureau Notice of urging the implementation of administrative penalty decision was delivered, which shows that Tongxiang market supervision administration made Tongshi supervision office Zi [2020] No. 74 administrative penalty decision for Zhejiang yingmi science and Technology Co., Ltd. in accordance with the law on the organization, planning and pyramid selling of the party concerned on March 1, 2020. After delivery on March 2, 2020, the party concerned fails to fulfill the following obligations of the decision on administrative penalty within the legal period: first, confiscate the illegal income of 344241 yuan; second, impose a fine of 700000 yuan; third, if the party fails to pay the fine within the time limit, impose an additional fine of 700000 yuan per day according to 3% of the amount of the fine. June 3, 2020. This bureau has made the notice on the implementation of administrative penalty decision (tongshijiancui (2020) No. 14).

Due to the inability to deliver directly or by post, the service is hereby announced in accordance with the provisions of item (5) of Article 64 of the Interim Provisions on administrative penalty procedures for market supervision and administration. 60 days from the date of announcement shall be deemed as service. So why is Zhejiang yingmi Technology Co., Ltd. suspected of pyramid selling?

The secondary distribution under the "sharing economy" is actually MLM

It is reported that Zhejiang yingmi Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhejiang yingmi) is suspected of pyramid selling because of an app called "octopus elder brother". According to the public information, octopus elder brother app is an app launched by Zhejiang yingmi Technology Co., Ltd. that enjoys the most direct welfare and the most direct profit-making platform for the whole people. Its main goal is to build a fan economic circle and real estate network level of tens of millions Relationship, to truly realize the win-win model of saving money for self use and sharing, to provide users with real benefits and more opportunities to make money, so that the dividends brought by the development of the Internet can be more returned to users themselves.

What's the advantage of joining the octopus app? According to relevant people, scan the QR code to download the octopus app, open the octopus app, click "home page share" or "my app share", and take a screenshot of your share page. The QR code in the figure is your invitation code. Members can scan the code and register to become your offline members. Once a member is bound, it cannot be changed. When the members recharge the annual members and enjoy the didi cash voucher presented by the platform, you can receive the Commission refund from the platform, and seaweed can be checked or withdrawn immediately.

Social finance and economics noticed that octopus app also played a distribution mode, with members divided into VIP and SVIP. VIP: as long as you recharge 100 yuan to become a VIP, the platform will give you 200 yuan of cash vouchers (2 pieces of 10 yuan, 30 pieces of 5 yuan, 10 pieces of 3 yuan). If you share one to become a VIP, you will get 20 yuan for the first generation and 10 yuan for the second generation;; SVIP: when your team completes direct sharing of 30 people and indirect sharing of 60 people, the system automatically upgrades you to SVIP, and you can get a 95% membership card. 5% of the revenue team is collected by the platform, which can be withdrawn in working days. When the recruited VLP is upgraded to SVIP, take 10% of its total revenue; settlement method: bind the bank card in the setting, and then withdraw, except for legal holidays, platform withdrawal is t + 3 mode. In addition, SVIP pushes SVIP, taking 10% of the most recent SVIP cycle revenue under the team; agents push agents, taking 10% of the most recent agent cycle revenue under the team.

In addition, according to relevant people, "at present, octopus app provides a coupon of 200 yuan for 100 yuan recharge and shares it with others for recharge. You can get a commission of 20 yuan directly, and you can continue to get a second Commission of 10 yuan for the next promotion."