2020-06-19 16:39


Mary kayon Wenzhi: you don't realize that there are blue oceans in skin care mistakes


Deeps in the forest, whales in the sea.

[Beijing Direct News Network June 19] (Surging news)For Weng Wenzhi, the current president of Mary Kay China, the 001 employee of Mary Kay China, in the blue ocean market her career is looking for, what she sees is the high growth opportunities brought by the skin care mistakes that consumers are not aware of.

May 25 this year is the 14th National skin care day. The day before yesterday, Mary Kay held a round table discussion with high academic standards and experts gathered around the theme of "protecting skin science and skin care" with the dermatology branch of Chinese Medical Association (hereinafter referred to as "CDA") in the headquarters building of Shanghai inner ring, which she purchased with more than 800 million yuan, and launched the "525 National Skin Care Day" and the first activity of skin month.

In this one hour round table discussion, Professor Wu Yan, chief physician of Dermatology Department of Peking University First Hospital, Associate Professor Li Xia, dermatology department of Ruijin Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University Medical College, Associate Professor Huang Wen, dermatology department of Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, Associate Professor Zou Ying, Shanghai Dermatology Hospital, focused on the "roughness, dryness, dullness and wrinkles" that Chinese women are most concerned about ”For persistent skin diseases, scientific skin care concepts and methods were explained, and more knowledge about ingredients was analyzed to the ingredient parties.

Weng Wenzhi said in his speech that the significance of Mary Kay's support for this activity is to bring you science popularization with real gold content and let women friends protect skin from the start of scientific skin care.

Do you have any mistakes about skin care? When Weng Wenzhi, who has worked in Mary Kay for 25 years, said that her first mistake is to only recognize big brands and use them together. Will you show her a smile like me, reflecting that she didn't know it was a skin care mistake.

In the process of popularizing scientific skin care knowledge and concept, Mary Kay also found one blue ocean after another. With the breakthrough of "beauty therapy from dermatology research", Yitai research and development of high-performance products is Mary Kay's new blue ocean.

According to relevant data, the annual sales scale of China's skin care market has exceeded 200 billion yuan. The annual growth rate of China's skin care market in recent years is 8%, while the growth rate of high-performance skin care market is as high as 28%.

Weng Wenzhi said that Mary Kay is very optimistic about the blue sea, will make full efforts to explore this potential market, and is confident to make this blue sea a new high growth opportunity point for Mary Kay.

In Weng Wenzhi's narration, we deeply felt some misunderstandings of the outside world about skin care and providing career opportunities for women.

Since joining this beautiful company, Weng Wenzhi, who is bold and brave, feels that he has found the most shining stage.

"Mary Kay's career opportunities are not for the sake of being tall, rich, handsome and white, but for every ordinary woman."

During her 25 years working in Mary Kay, many world-famous skin care companies wanted to "poach" Weng Wenzhi, but she refused without hesitation. She said that the reason for rejection is very simple. All her glory is given by Mary Kay platform. She loves the company culture that can inspire everyone's infinite potential. "Dreams become goals only when they become actions. To create value for women and pave the way for their dreams is Mary Kay's value.The following is the interview record:

1、 What skincare topics did experts discuss at the just concluded skincare Day theme activity of "protect skin, scientific skincare"?

Weng Wenzhi: modern women's skin care awareness and demand are increasing, but the lack of skin care knowledge makes blind skin care happen frequently. In this forum with high academic standards, experts talked about many common misunderstandings.

For example, apply mask every day. Zou Ying, deputy chief physician of Shanghai Dermatology Hospital, mentioned that one of her patients, who had been in the house for a long time, had bought many cosmetics blindly, and changed their use frequently. They had put on several mask every day, instead, they had all kinds of skin dry red problems.

Li Xia, deputy chief physician of Department of Dermatology, Ruijin hospital believes that now some female friends put forward the idea of "the most expensive night cream at night," which actually takes a great detour. Choosing skin care products is not as expensive as possible.