2020-09-24 15:36


Kang Mei won the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic in Hubei province.


[Beijing Direct News Network September 24th] (Kangmei pharmaceutical)In September 21st, novel coronavirus pneumonia commendation conference in Hubei was held in Wuhan. The Congress commended a number of advanced individuals and collectives in fighting the epidemic. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia hospital in Hubei province. The hospital Party committee was awarded the "advanced grassroots party organization in the province", vice president of the hospital and chief physician (three level technical post) Cai Tian Jing was awarded the "advanced individual of Hubei to fight the new crown pneumonia epidemic situation".

It is reported that a total of 1164 advanced individuals, 436 advanced collectives, 160 outstanding communist party members and 130 advanced grass-roots party organizations were commended at the conference. Ying Yong, Secretary of the Hubei provincial Party committee, attended the meeting and praised the great spirit and extraordinary strength of the Hubei people. He said that all the people of Hubei have been racing against the disease at the same time. They have launched a magnificent and earth moving people's war, overall war and resistance war against the epidemic situation, which has achieved decisive results. Remarkable achievements have been made in the overall promotion of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development. Significant strategic achievements have been made in the fight against the epidemic in the whole country, and the epidemic prevention and control and economic recovery are "in the forefront of the world" He has made Hubei's contribution and vividly interpreted the Chinese spirit, China's strength and China's responsibility.

At the meeting, Jin Ling, Secretary of the Party committee of Kangmei Tongcheng people's Hospital, took the stage to receive the award as a representative of the provincial advanced grass-roots party organization. He said that this is not only the honor of all Party members, cadres and staff of kangmeitongcheng people's Hospital, but also the honor of 520000tongcheng and even Hubei people. All the front-line anti epidemic workers and the people in Hubei know the general situation, take into account the overall situation, work together in the storm and help each other. They have built a great steel wall of concerted efforts to fight the epidemic, which will surely leave a strong mark in the long history.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control situation was severe in January 23, 2020. In order to effectively prevent the spread of the epidemic, Kangmei Tongcheng people's hospital was designated as a hospital for the treatment of new crown pneumonia by the Tongcheng County command and Control Department of Hubei. The Kangmei Tongcheng people's Hospital Committee immediately launched the new crown pneumonia medical treatment and prevention and control work contingency plan, and mobilized all medical staff to participate in the epidemic prevention. Medium.

Command in front and be a good "chief of staff". The novel coronavirus pneumonia hospital was set up by the Party committee of the first time, 6 working classes, namely, the leading group for prevention and control of emergency response, the medical treatment expert group, the epidemic prevention group, the network information public opinion control group and the logistics support group. The first time was to compile the new crown hospital prevention and control scheme, which consisted of more than 120 words and more than 6000 words. The leading role of implementation.

Party members ask for war and strive to be "vanguard". More than 500 cadres and workers solemnly signed the letter of request for war. In the case of shortage of protective facilities and personnel, Party members and cadres took the lead in setting an example and actively charged at the forefront of treatment. Under the influence of Party members, the hospital staff have asked to go to the front line. More than 10 comrades submitted the application for joining the party to the party organization in the front line, and two of them joined the party on the fire line, giving full play to the party organization's role as a fighting fortress and the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members.

Overall coordination and cohesion of "human and property". The Party committee of Kangmei Tongcheng people's hospital used all its strength to reconstruct 154 wards in 11 floors of the internal medicine building into 9 special areas such as isolation ward and new crown ICU within 3 days, opening up the main front for patients' treatment, rapidly opening up the outpatient and observation areas for fever outside the hospital, bringing them into the integrated management in the hospital; closing and merging multiple clinical departments to provide centralized support to the infection ward; More than 370 doctors and nurses were selected to form a commando team and put them into the front line. In the early stage of anti epidemic, the hospital Party committee organized more than 20 training sessions, laying a solid foundation for early prevention, early detection, early diagnosis, early isolation and early treatment.