2016-05-26 14:49


1040 sunshine project MLM suspects jailed for sentencing


[straight news network reported that Beijing May 26] (Yangzi Evening News Network) investment 69800 yuan can earn 10.4 million yuan. The world is actually such a good thing? On the afternoon of May 25, lied investment state secret project, in many influential 1040 sunshine project "illegal pyramid selling case in Zhenjiang City Dantu District People's Court of first instance verdict, involving six defendants were sentenced.
Reporter during an interview, between October October 2011 to 2015, defendant Liu Damao, Liu Ermao, Xiao Mao Liu, Xiao Mei LV, Wang Ming, Wang has in our province Taizhou City, Jiangning District, Nanjing, Zhenjiang City Dantu District and, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, to participate in and organization "voluntary chain operations," the pyramid selling activities. The sales organization in the course of business without business license, no place of business and goods, to the so-called investment as a commodity for pure capital operation external lied 1040 sunshine project, "advocating is a state secret development project, investment funds for the development of national high-speed rail, subway, airport, propaganda" investment 69800 yuan RMB can earn 10.4 million yuan "concept, with high returns as bait, take" on-line "development" offline "way, to do business, looking for work in the name of pull head constantly absorbing new entrants.
It is reported that the organization first asked participants pay to purchase share, first 3800 yuan, from 2 to 3300 yuan, general recommendations directly buy 21 is 69800 yuan, directly promoted to director level, a week later will be able to return cash to 19000 yuan, become formal member after, every one have rebates or commissions, to obtain the qualification for joining. On line through the development of offline layers to carve up the line of the purchase, thereby obtaining the illegal interests. The organization to himself and development off the assembly line system personnel share purchase to determine their level in the pyramid selling organization, namely to "five level three order (Jin) of" mode of operation of the activities of the organization: purchase 1-2 servings for the clerk, 3-9, head of, 10-64 director, 65-599 as manager, and have a complete set of management system, implementing the team management mode, the level tube level.
Dantu Zhenjiang court found in the trial, the case involved mostly relatives of the participants, each of the defendants in the level of development, when the head is also a choice of relatives and friends. Six defendants from the beginning of the victims slowly into the pyramid selling organization active participant, promoter and in the organization to bear the management and coordination role for MLM organization development, expanding plays a key role. The organization to participate in the number of up to 30 people, more than 10 levels, the last 2 years, the amount of 963600 yuan, a serious violation of the property rights of others, disrupting the economic and social order.
The court held that the six defendants to national investment secret project name, participants are required to pay fees to gain entry to the qualification, and the composition of the level in a certain order, with the number of staff development as a capitation, rebate basis, inducing participants to continue to participate in the development of others, swindling, disrupt social and economic order, his behavior had constituted of organization and leadership of the pyramid selling activities sin. Eventually involved six defendants were sentenced him to three years imprisonment, suspended for three years and six months to a set term of imprisonment for one year, probation a year and six months, ranging from the penalty, and impose appropriate penalties.
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