2020-11-12 15:50


Multi level agency system of multi-level thin products suspected of illegal pyramid selling


[Beijing Direct News Network November 12th] (Market Weekly)In today's society, the vigorous demand for weight loss has given birth to a large number of weight-loss organizations, with various means and forms, which is a difficult area to distinguish.

Recently, the latest weight-loss product "Weimi shuangpaiwang" is becoming more and more popular in the circle of friends. According to the investigation, the reporter found that there are many problems in the organization, which are repeatedly punished and willful. The problem of illegal publicity while accepting punishment is that its sales mode is suspected of illegal pyramid selling.

"Adhering to the concept of health" products detected sensitive ingredients

Publicity material is "skin", is a sharp tool to attract consumers. Let's take a look at this colorful self packaging.

"Duoyanshou has been devoting itself to research and development for 10 years, and its products have been upgraded in 2017. Adhering to the health concept of "70% nutrition + 30% exercise", we have developed a variety of light weight foods, including soso sticks and oil absorption pills. Many stars and online celebrities are the platform of many thin swallow products, live with goods.

In 2013, duoyanshou established "aishou (Shanghai) Health Management Co., Ltd." in Shanghai, and six years later, it was changed into fengle Fashion Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 50 million yuan. The legal representative was changed from "literature and art" to "Wu Manyuan". Wu Mansheng was the chairman of the board.

On August 7, 2020, the actual controller was changed from "Wu Shengman" to "Wenmiao" and "sudd Oil Company Limited" on the same day. The company is 100% controlled by Hangzhou huimeihui Fashion Technology Co., Ltd.

According to the public information, the enterprise was enforced by Baoshan people's Court on October 26, 2020 for failing to fulfill its legal obligations on time.

In August 2019, Baoshan District Market Supervision Bureau received a clue that showed that sodium pinafore (PS: sodium pinksulfate) was detected in polythene aspirating jelly (guava flavor) (production date: September 17, 2018) operated by bee Fashion Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., which is a kind of drug raw material with laxative effect and belongs to non edible substance, which can not be detected in the routine standard test. And has obvious adverse reactions and side effects, must be based on the prescription, follow the doctor's advice to use. )

On the day of receiving the report, Baoshan Market Supervision Bureau and the public security branch of the district inspected the freight warehouse of the party concerned, and checked and stored 120 boxes of similar products. Seven kinds of food in the warehouse were sent to the third party for inspection, and two batches were found to contain peak sodium sulfate.

Fengle Fashion Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was fined 140000 yuan and its food business license was revoked by Shanghai Baoshan district market supervision and Administration Bureau for the production and operation of food with chemicals other than food additives and other substances that may harm human health.

False propaganda has been punished for many times, but still does not change, while being punished and violating the rules

It is worth noting that in addition to revoking the food business license, bee Fashion Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has been fined repeatedly for false publicity.

For example, on October 10, 2019, duoyanshou weight loss service (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., which owns 49% of its shares, commissioned others to design, manufacture and release "oil draining and moistening sausage", "easy fat reduction" and "Qingqing Mei" (enzyme green plum) common food in pinduoduo store "Qingchang Paidu tongconstipation" and other health care functions were eventually fined 5000 yuan by Shanghai Baoshan market supervision and Administration Bureau. What's more, since February 2, 2016, the company has been fined by the Shanghai market regulatory authorities for various illegal advertising activities for seven times, with a cumulative fine of 375000 yuan.

After being punished, duoyanshou is still carrying out a series of exaggerated and eye-catching advertisements in the circle of friends. And take a picture of a real person who has not eaten more than one swallow and one who has eaten more than one.

When the reporter asked what kind of food attribute the product is, duoyanshou agent claimed that it was only substitute food.