2020-11-12 15:48


Several convenience stores in Xiamen were ordered to rectify


[Beijing Direct News Network November 12th] (China Consumer News)Functional drinks were placed near the cash register, and "health wine" was mixed on liquor shelves. These behaviors were suspected of violating the implementation regulations of the food safety law. Since November, some convenience stores in Xiamen City, Fujian Province, have been ordered to rectify on the spot by the local market supervision department for "mixing" health food.

Health food has a certain health function, favored by people, but health food is a special food, in the business, there are some special requirements. The implementation regulations of the food safety law will come into effect on December 1, 2019. Article 39 of the regulation clearly stipulates that special food containing health food shall not be mixed with ordinary food or drugs for sale. In this regard, Xiamen Siming District Lianqian market supervision institute has carried out special rectification activities on health food for many times to crack down on all kinds of illegal behaviors.

In the first ten days of November, Lianqian market supervision office supervised and inspected the implementation of special counters for health food. The law enforcement personnel focused on supermarkets, convenience stores and health food stores around the campus as key areas. They focused on whether special counters were set up in the operation of health food, and whether a notice board was set up at a prominent position to indicate "health food sales zone" and "health food is not a drug Whether there are false publicity and other contents involved in the words "replace drugs to treat diseases"; supervise the implementation of the operator's main responsibility for food safety, check whether the source of goods is legal, whether the acceptance account is complete, and the implementation of the warning language guide for health food labels.

During the inspection, the law enforcement personnel found that the large chain supermarkets operated health food relatively standardized, but some small supermarkets had some problems, such as the setting of health food special area or counter was not clear, the operating system and account records were incomplete, the health food counter mixed with ordinary food, and some convenience stores and daily grocery stores also sold "Red Bull", "Lehu" and "Dongpeng" beyond the permitted business items It belongs to functional beverage of health food. The law enforcement personnel should publicize the relevant laws and regulations for the operators, and put forward specific rectification requirements for the problems of some operators, such as the nonstandard setting and use of warning signs and the stacking of other commodities at the health food counter, and ordered them to carry out on-site rectification.

It is reported that Siming District Market Supervision Bureau will continue to carry out health food rectification action, further strengthen supervision, urge health food operators to implement the main responsibility, continuously purify the health food market, and ensure the healthy and orderly development of health food market.