2020-08-18 16:48


"Thailand DC slimming drug" is a domestic controlled drug, which is dependent


[Beijing Direct News Network August 18th] (Surging news)The so-called "DC slimming drug" imported from Thailand is actually a "new drug". Such slimming pills have even been wildly recommended by wechat merchants, and live broadcast platform anchors have brought goods.

August 17, surging news( www.thepaper.cn )The reporter learned from the Shanghai drug control office that in recent years, the illegal drugs such as "weight-loss drugs" illegally flowing into China from abroad mostly contain the ingredients of psychotropic drugs controlled by China, such as amphetamine, fentanyl, diazepam ("slimming drugs"), nitrazepam, flunitrazepam ("sleeping pills"), modafinil and Ritalin ("smart drugs"), etc All the above ingredients were listed in the catalogue of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances in 2005, and strict catalogue control and administrative licensing measures were implemented.

Among them, "anfepristone" mainly stimulates the nerve center of hypothalamus, makes people feel full, can control appetite, reduce food intake, but can improve body excitability, easy to appear inexplicable mood fluctuations or insomnia, emotional hyperactivity, etc; Fentramine mostly acts on the sympathetic nerves of animals to control appetite or sedation. Studies published in the lancet show that "with the increase of dosage, cognitive and mental disorders will increase accordingly". Although such drugs are widely used in the United States and other regions, there is no long-term randomized controlled study to prove its effectiveness and safety.

But "diazepam" is similar to the domestic diazepam drugs, which are mostly used for anti anxiety, sedation and hypnosis, and long-term use has tolerance and dependence.

Therefore, from the above components and pharmacological effects of "weight loss drugs", it belongs to the definition of drugs (narcotic drugs and refined drugs that can make people addicted to the national regulations).

In recent years, with the development of social economy and the improvement of living standards, the majority of citizens have higher requirements for their own weight loss and shaping. However, due to the lack of legal knowledge and the weak awareness of prevention, and some illegal businesses even deliberately hype the so-called "Internet red products" for profit-making purposes, some network platforms are full of all kinds of information and advertisements that are difficult to distinguish between the true and the false 。

In this context, due to the lack of legal awareness and the ability to prevent and reject drugs, some people have bought and used this kind of "slimming drugs", and the situation is increasing. It not only violates the laws and regulations, but also causes its own harmful consequences.

According to the Shanghai Public Security Bureau, according to the cracked cases, such "weight-loss drugs", "sleeping pills" and "smart drugs" have symptoms such as increased heart rate, nausea and headache, and even serious situations such as anxiety and depression, irritability and anorexia.

With the joint efforts of drug control departments at all levels in Shanghai, the number of traditional drug-related crimes in Shanghai has dropped sharply, and the breeding and spreading of drug-related crimes have been further curbed. However, there is a certain upward trend in drug crimes involving psychotropic and narcotic drugs. Since 2018, the illegal use of psychotropic drugs and narcotic drugs in the city has been increasing.

Since this year, 85% of the drug addicts who illegally use psychotropic and narcotic drugs (such as "slimming drugs" and "sleeping pills") have been investigated and dealt with in Shanghai. Up to 85% of them have used "slimming drugs" containing controlled essence and narcotic drugs.

In the next step, a number of departments will jointly continue to increase the following work: first, continue to increase publicity and education for the public to prevent more people from repeating the mistakes, so as to form a consensus on drug prevention and improve the ability of drug rejection; second, urge all kinds of network platforms to carry out cleaning and rectification, remove, stop and block the links of individual illegal merchants, and strengthen the audit of "drug" sales and advertising; Third, we should strengthen the investigation and control of new types of drugs on the Internet, or drugs containing drugs, toxic and harmful information, and truly establish a mechanism for online and offline joint prevention, investigation and control, and effectively safeguard the physical and mental health of the masses.