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Academician Chen Junshi: scientifically select health food according to needs and eat healthy food


[Beijing Direct News Network November 12th] (Yangcheng Evening News)Vitamins, calcium, fish oil

Health food permeates

007 migrant workers, pregnant mothers, middle-aged and elderly people, etc

In the daily life of all kinds of people

Promoting health through health food

It has become a common way of life,

Then, the safety of health food and how to eat it correctly

It has also become a hot issue of concern to the people.

What is health food?

Is the health food approved and certified by relevant departments safe and effective?

How to choose health food scientifically and safely?

Here are some tips for academicians~

Academician of Chinese Academy of engineering

Researcher and general consultant of national food safety risk assessment center

Academician Chen Junshi

Answer one by one in the interview!

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Health food is a kind of special food

In recent years, health food has been paid much attention, and people's attitude towards health food is often polarized. Chen Junshi said that people's different attitudes depend on their different understanding of the positioning of health food.

"Blue hat"

Exclusive mark of health food

"The positioning of health food is neither ordinary food nor medicine. There are clear provisions in the current "food safety law" and "measures for the registration and filing of health food". Health food refers to the food that claims to have specific health functions or is intended to supplement vitamins and minerals, that is, it is suitable for specific people to eat, has the function of regulating the body, and does not have any acute, subacute or adverse effects on the human body Food with chronic hazards. " Chen Junshi explained, "in other words, health food belongs to special food, it has clear and specific health care functions, but not for the purpose of treatment, the focus is to improve a certain human physiological function. Drugs have indications, and each drug is targeted at a certain disease. "

Chen Junshi reminded: "the public should not be misled by the exaggerated propaganda of salesmen, nor be biased by some irresponsible we media and completely deny the benefits of health food to human health."

How to choose health food scientifically?

Understand the demand and select on demand

Facing a wide variety of health food on the market, how should consumers choose scientifically and safely? Understanding your own needs is the first step, says Chen. According to the relevant provisions of national laws and regulations, there are 27 health functions that can be declared by health food, but not everyone needs to supplement all 27 functions through health food. "You should know what kind of functional health food you need, and then choose according to your needs. After the choice, it will continue. Health food is different from medicine. It will not take a week to get immediate effect. "

Exaggeration cannot be trusted

"Health food can only claim function. If it claims to be able to prevent or treat a certain disease, consumers should pay attention to it. This is exaggeration. In addition, at present, some common food products such as solid drinks and pressed candy also have some false publicity problems. Consumers should be aware that ordinary food can not claim any health care effect, disease prevention and treatment effect

Scientific purchase, continuous consumption according to quantity

In the purchase of health food, we must purchase through regular channels, recognize the special "blue hat" sign of health food (exclusive mark of health food), and eat in strict accordance with the amount of product label instructions.

"Health food is not the same as medicine. It will not take only one week to get immediate effect."

Many health food on the market boast different certification, how should consumers distinguish? Chen Junshi said that there are great differences in the management methods of health food in different countries. For example, the well-known FDA of the United States never certifies health food, because there is no concept of health food in the United States. Similar products are called dietary supplements. The administration of dietary supplements in the United States is a record system rather than an approval system, but it does not allow dietary supplements to claim any function at the same time. "That is to say, if you see an imported food that advertises FDA certification and claims to have a certain function, it is against the law of the United States and belongs to false publicity. Therefore, when you choose this kind of dietary supplement, you need to have a certain knowledge, and choose according to your cognition of the product function. "