2020-09-24 16:13


Ye Gen: you can't change the times, but you can change yourself


[Beijing Direct News Network September 24th] (New retail sales)"The industry is not the dividend, it is the time."

On the 25th of the Chinese Valentine's day, the 2nd anniversary of cat friends' Association - selling cats & obedient cats and the 2020 summer long summit of social commerce was held in Chongqing century Jinyuan hotel. Ms. Ye gen, founder of Hong Kong's heart and soul development platform, Ambassador for love transmission of China's aid and education base, and vice president of Chinese Traditional Culture Development Association, shared his views on the topic of "what kind of ecosystem we need to reconstruct".

Here is his share:

Good afternoon, everyone!

Time is tight and the task is heavy. Listening to the sharing of each guest before, I benefited a lot. Everyone is very professional, and their theoretical knowledge is very solid, which makes me very happy. The industry has become more promising because of the existence of everyone. Next, I may explain my point of view from another spiritual point of view, so do not like to spray, do not pour cold water on me, because I will certainly boil it and pour it back, ha ha.

Okay, just a little joke. I joined the direct marketing in 2003 during the SARS period, that is, I went hand in hand with Mr. Zheng Lianjun, President of the speech in the morning. At that time, in the face of the powerful three armies, facing these direct selling predecessors, I did not know how to start, how to do the system.

I remember that when Mr. Yuanjiang held a meeting in haichou some time ago, he positioned me as a representative of 3.0. Although my experience was not as good as theirs at that time, I knew that there was an Internet. I was the first person to set up an Internet website among the whole direct selling people, and I used the chat room at that time. So at that time, 80% of my team came from the Internet, and because of SARS, I was also the first person to use the Internet to train.

So I think today, although history will not repeat itself, it is surprisingly similar. So what I want to say is that the industry is not a dividend, it is the time, it will certainly create a lot of heroes.

There is an American writer named Nassim Nicholas Taleb. There is a sentence in his book anti vulnerability: "the wind will blow out the candle, but it will also make the fire more and more prosperous." So I would like to elaborate here that many of us are here today to explore various modes and opportunities, and various ways and means. However, I would like to tell you that if your mental mode and thinking mode have not been changed and upgraded, all your behaviors are swimming in a cesspool. No matter what you do, it will stink when you come out.

So what I want to tell you is that in this era, we have caught up with a rare cycle in 800 years.

Congratulations, that is to say, civil Pluto will enter 0 ° 29 in Aquarius on December 21 at the end of this year, which is nearly 200 years. From 1842, the earth image era of nearly 200 years will come to an end, and will fully open the future wind age.

So in 1842, in the earth elephant era, let us land in Capricorn. What does it symbolize? Material, resources and pressure. So in the past 200 years, we have constantly gone beyond our own material world, constantly higher and stronger since the beginning of the industrial age.

All countries in the world are catching up with each other and fighting in the material world. However, the epidemic disaster that has been seen for the first time in a hundred years in the world makes us have to stop to reflect on the pain and thinking brought by material. Therefore, at the end of December this year, we will comprehensively open the wind age, which represents the development of thought, exploration, soul and cultural spirit.

I have said so much. Is it related to the industry?

You will find that in the years before this, it is very easy to develop small fresh meat. However, from the end of this year, that is, from June 28 this year, it has entered the era of Female Chauvinism in an all-round way, that is to say, women's energy has begun to explode, so in the future, all industries related to female energy, such as beauty and health, will usher in vigorous development.

The last time the wind was blowing was from 1226 to 1445, when China was in the Yuan Dynasty. The whole Yuan Dynasty achieved the peak of cultural integration of various nationalities. Because of the four great inventions, Westerners also opened the era of navigation with the compass. At that time, the culture and development of our country blinded Westerners.

So are you ready for this time of wind?

No matter how much efforts we have made today, if the general environment does not match with you and your thoughts and mind have not completely changed, how can we meet the real and great transformation in the future?