2020-09-24 15:59


Chen suiqiang: embracing the new generation = embracing the future


[Beijing Direct News Network September 24th] (New retail sales)"People and goods markets of direct selling have changed. Only by embracing changes can they have a future."

On the 25th of the Chinese Valentine's day, the 2nd anniversary of cat friends' Association - selling cats & obedient cats and the 2020 summer long summit of social commerce was held in Chongqing century Jinyuan hotel. Mr. Chen suiqiang, a senior industry expert, shared his views on the topic of "what kind of ecosystem we need to reconstruct".

Here is his share:

Good afternoon, everyone!

Everything I write is a joke. In fact, I've been in this industry for 20 years, but I don't like to be in public all the time. Today, Mr. Zou asked me to say a few words. Why do you want to be a deserter? So I'll talk to you about my mental process: Why did I fade out of direct marketing and become a "deserter"? I hope I can have some insights for you.

Today, I have a picture of clothing matching in the circle of friends. Many of the post-80s and post-90s friends in the circle of friends say that this picture is very good. When you wear blue clothes, you can match them in blue, and if you wear red clothes, you can match them in red. In fact, in the whole brand color, red and blue matching is the most advanced collocation. Which company does the best in red and blue matching in our industry?

Amway has done the best, so why has Amway been able to achieve a flat performance until this year? In fact, to a large extent, it has attracted a large number of post-80s and 90s to enter the direct selling industry.

Today, I saw that there are so many post-90s people like this picture, and I found that we really have a little communication gap with the post-80s and post-90s in many aspects.

The change of people and goods yard

Let's look at this picture.

We talk about the whole business form, in the simplest way, it is actually people, goods, and fields. More than a decade ago, the whole industry, people, goods, and fields did very well in line with the business logic.

For example, the company I used to have, when we were 60 and 70 years later, the way to know information was not the smartphone, so it was easy for us to get to the meeting hall to listen. After listening, we bought products just like chicken blood.

And there were many good products in that year. For example, our company has achieved tens of billion in performance in a year before, and one of them has done about 10 billion. You think, a product can do more than 10 billion, and any other model is difficult to achieve. There must be many consumers like this product, and they think the product has effect before buying this product.

Just recently, my elder sister, all close to 60 years old, wechat that day to me, she said that younger brother you help me buy a few more products that I bought last time. Why do I say I want to buy products from direct sales companies? She said because I saw our mother in her 80s, she was still very healthy and could take care of her father in her 80s. Because I have been using that product for my mother since I was a decade ago, I'm still healthy until now.

This explains a reason. Although my sister has no concept of direct selling at all, she thinks that mom becomes very healthy after using the product, and I want to use it.

So I will tell my boss this case. I say you don't fear that there is no market in the future. Although you are old after 60, they still accept your products very much.

So I heard a lot of big currants today, where is the basic plate of direct selling?

People are important, but the most important thing is products. If your product can carry for 20 or 30 years, from 40, 50, 60, 70, or even to the post-80s and 90s, this transformation will continue. I believe that the product will not be outdated, so the basic plate will still be.

Our biggest problem is the product, the product is not enough content, and the products that can speak are less and less, which is one reason.

So, as for the "field", I said just now, we are more conference sales, but you think about it. Our conference sales were all the "chicken blood" before, right?

We talk about dreams, feelings, and ways to make money. But we all found that the biggest problem we have now is that the difficulty of holding the conference is getting more and more difficult. The second is that the post-80s and the post-90s will not go to the meeting. Why? Because they think it's too much trouble to have a meeting.

We are always thinking about why direct marketing has been down since 2016, but it is not necessarily affected by industry events or epidemic situations.

After 80s, he had computers and smartphones. He could immediately use these tools to learn the latest information. After the 90s, let alone, it was basically connected with higher smart phones. We, the old people after 60 and 70, play mobile phones are a picture. You see those after 80 and 90s hands to play, much faster than we do not know how many times.