2020-09-24 16:21


Jingdezhen Municipal Bureau of supervision carried out special supervision and inspection on food labels


[Beijing Direct News Network September 24th] (Jiangxi provincial market supervision and Administration Bureau)In order to further strengthen the supervision and management of food labels, crack down on illegal activities, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. From September 16, Jingdezhen Market Supervision Bureau deployed to carry out special supervision and inspection of food labels.

The special supervision and inspection aims to further urge enterprises to implement the main responsibility of food safety, focusing on the inspection and standardization of solid drinks, pressed candy, substitute tea, infant auxiliary food, dairy products, liquor, meat products, food processing products, edible vegetable oil, packaged drinking water, food additives, small workshop food, etc., which are closely related to people's daily life Food labeling, centralized cleaning and standardizing the labeling behavior of entrusted processing food and repackaged food.

The special supervision and inspection is divided into two stages: self inspection, rectification and centralized verification. First, the market supervision department shall urge the food producers to carry out self inspection and self correction in strict accordance with the food safety law and its implementation regulations and other national standards such as the general principles for the labeling of prepackaged food and the general principles for nutrition labeling of prepackaged food. If problems are found, the use of unqualified labels shall be stopped immediately, and the relevant provisions of the administrative measures for food recall shall be followed Disposal and reporting are required. The market supervision department will strictly investigate and deal with illegal acts such as using food labels to label false or exaggerated labels, claiming that food has the function of disease prevention and treatment, tampering with the date of food production, forging the origin, falsely labeling the nutritional composition and content of food, etc., in the centralized verification stage, the market supervision department will strictly investigate and punish according to law, so as to create a safe consumption environment for the people of the whole city.