2020-08-18 16:50


Lanzhou multi departments jointly carry out special rectification of health food industry


[Beijing Direct News Network August 18th] (Lanzhou daily)Is there any false publicity in the sale of health food? How about the quality and safety of health food? August 17 The reporter learned from the municipal market supervision bureau that the market supervision, public security, business, culture and tourism, health care, radio and television departments of our city jointly carried out a two-year special clean-up and rectification action for the health food industry, focusing on the illegal production and operation of health food, sales of fake and shoddy health food, fraud and false publicity, illegal advertising and other prominent problems in the field of health food The quality and safety level of the city's health food and the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

The key areas of the rectification are health food production and operation enterprises or individuals closely related to health food consumer groups, especially the elderly consumer groups. The key places for rectification are drug stores, health food stores (wholesale and retail), supermarkets, Direct stores, food (health food) stores, and hotel liquor with conference marketing activities In addition, there are many places such as community, urban-rural fringe, back street alley, park, square, station and so on, which are prone to "health care" food promotion activities; and "health food" shops mainly sold to the elderly.

Through the joint rectification action, the main responsibility for food safety of health food producers and operators and the regulatory responsibility of territorial departments should be further verified, the quality and safety management of health food should be strictly controlled, the situation of high pressure should be maintained, and the illegal production and operation, illegal propaganda and marketing, fraud and misleading consumption in the health food market should be severely cracked down, and the supervision, joint attack, industry self-discipline and society should be formed We will work hard to effectively purify the health food market in our city by the end of 2021, and constantly improve the people's sense of security and satisfaction with the health food consumption market.