2020-06-19 17:18


General Administration of health food


[Beijing Direct News Network June 19] (General Administration of market supervision)On the morning of June 17, the State Administration of market supervision held a teleconference to coordinate the work of epidemic prevention and control and food safety supervision. Sun Meijun, deputy director of the State Administration of market supervision, attended the meeting and made a speech. Wang Tiehan, director of food safety, presided over the meeting.

The meeting stressed that novel coronavirus pneumonia should be resolutely implemented by the market supervision departments at all levels, and the spirit of instructions from general secretary Xi Jinping on the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia and food safety supervision should be firmly implemented. The work plan of the joint defense and joint control mechanism of the State Council should be conscientiously implemented, and the problem oriented and bottom line thinking should be persisted. Food safety work should be done with great efforts and strictly controlled and strictly controlled, and the people's group could be effectively protected. People's diet is safe, making due contribution to "six stability" and "six guarantees".

According to the requirements of the meeting, efforts should be made to investigate the food safety risks in key places such as the agricultural trade market, urge food operators to strictly implement the responsibility of purchase inspection and ticket demand, actively cooperate with the health and epidemic prevention agencies to carry out environmental sanitation killing, eliminate the risk of epidemic spread, prevent food pollution, and ensure the food safety in the market. Focus on the supervision of catering quality and safety, urge catering service units to fulfill their main responsibilities, strengthen the health management of employees, standardize processing operations, separate raw and cooked food, and promote table civilization. Efforts should be made to strengthen the management of food safety on campus, urge the implementation of the principal responsibility system and the main responsibility of off campus catering units, and prevent and resolve the risk of school food borne diseases. We will focus on the special rectification of key varieties such as solid drinks, pressed candy, substitute tea and health food, and crack down on illegal activities such as false propaganda and consumer fraud. Efforts should be made to ensure the price stability and market supply of the "vegetable basket", and illegal activities such as hoarding and price driving should be combated according to law.

Leaders of relevant departments and bureaus of the State Administration of market supervision attended the meeting in the main venue. Leaders of the market supervision bureau (Department, committee) of Xinjiang production and Construction Corps attended the meeting at the branch meeting.