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Wang En


[news] April 22nd reporting network in Beijing (Contemporary direct) China has a population of 1 billion 300 million, when the individual units, they may have never thought, his own experience, but also a period of extraordinary and sincere story. About it, others will be moved.
Pucheng County in Shaanxi Province an ordinary rural family grace Wang, born in 2010, just graduated from University, he sit underground rental house in Beijing and the darkness, day and night in front of the computer, doing life changing dream.
In college, keen on the network of global annual Wang Tu, learned wellmay in a friends there. After careful explanation never met friends, he made an accurate judgment to join wellmay. However, at that time by more than 20 people are not willing to lend him money. Because no one can see the reality, no one believes that he will succeed. The more driven by the cruel reality, the more inspired him to fight, finally raise enough money to become Weimai in China's first batch of dealers.
However, admitted to a good university, find a stable job, let his family live better, this is giving Wangen parents expectations.
From school after graduation Wangen not only let parents very disappointed, still in Xi'an urban village rented 80 dollars a month venue full-time operation Weimai, truly become friends and family in the eyes of the "king of nuts". In August of the same year, in order to better operation of the market and the study of professional knowledge, Wang Enyi single handedly embrace the dream of going to Beijing. He just graduated from because there is no money in Beijing can only live in the basement every day in addition to out of market development, the computer has become lightless basement only work tool.
In some way, walking will be very bitter; but do not go, will regret it.
By the end of 2010, a monthly salary of 4000 dollars Wang well, bought a box of instant noodles, alone to spend the Spring Festival in Beijing. In April 2011, store a little savings, Wang En returned to Xi'an, after all is their own place to settle down in Xi'an. So for $700 a month and others flat-share a site, the use of the Internet market development.
With the arrival of e-commerce marketing, which for perennial network Wang Enlai said, is simply a menace, with their single power. Once within a short period of one month, turnover of 38 users. In his own words, only the Internet can produce miracle spread.
The cause of the rise, one after another surprise. In 2011 October, he and three partners together in Xi'an opened the first studio, rent 2000 yuan / month. By the end of 2012, the Wang En team opened more than 20 operation centers throughout the country, the local market steady growth, the overseas market gradually broke out.
In 2013, in just two years time, Wangen the parents expect of him, did not live up to his many years of efforts, stable families at the same time, have their own house and car, realize a dielectric cock wire to rich handsome perfect transformation.
Now his team partner had million people, distributed all over the country. Once and with team partners abroad 8 times at the same time in the overseas study tours, thousands of people to share their experience in the operation of the meeting site.
If it is said that originally is want to start because of a momentary impulse and phase Weimai this platform, then today's Wang en is spotted Weimai company's product distribution and market prospect. "Weimai is a platform to do business, do business and there is no risk, dealers sell the company to pay, to some not venture capital dealers to provide great convenience; secondly, Weimai products a wide range of audiences, consumption demand; and Weimai into China's time is not long, in market of mining the potential of very large," he said.
Only 30 year old Wang En, he has a lot of things to do. Next, he led his team, impatient to face the challenges of the next. He believes that in the China wellmay market, has just set sail.
We wish after the 85 cutting-edge leaders, entrepreneurial passion for this care, with hard work and sweat composition struggle the most stirring time on the road. 3
(original title: Wang En: reality and the ideal way to start a business)
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