2016-10-31 16:45


Shu Yuhui: the right to health can bring joy to the fans


[direct reporting network Beijing on October 31st news] (sina sports) a year ago, he introduced the 66 million transfer fee when the international sun, a local player is worth a new record; a year ago, he took over the club's relegation Tianjin Songjiang, was completed second years of commitment to avoid relegation team Chongchao; a year ago. He was looking for the world's top players and coach, and ultimately for their right to health in Tianjin to build a luxury fleet.
A year later, all his efforts and efforts have been paid off. His team scored a champion to get super identity, everyone exclaimed, and a football to the predators.
He, is the chairman of the Tianjin club chairman Shu Yuhui. A look to use their wealth to the fans to bring happiness to the private entrepreneurs, a hope to be able to catch up with Hengda, for Chinese football to bring more help to the football investors.
In Tianjin the right to health Chongchao success after the beam Yuhui accepted an exclusive interview with sina sports. Review this year, the prospect of the future prospects of groundless talk, the right to health in Tianjin.
Sina sports: in fact, the right to the health of the road is not smooth, looking back on the year's biggest feeling is what?
Shu Yuhui: it should be said, through the joint efforts of all of us, we have to honor the commitment to the fans of Tianjin last year, so the right to take the right to Tianjin into the super super, this year is really not easy. When the end of the season last year, I said, "to use the super team to hit," we do this point. Our foreign aid is absolutely superior level, Neiyuan introduced Sun Ke, Zhao Xuri, Zhang Lu these super players, we invite the world marshal Rosenberger. At the beginning of 2016, all of us think we Chongchao no suspense, but this year's experience told me that a team, a club is not only a good player can, a successful team must have a good incentive mechanism, management mechanism.
Sina sports: the first half of the performance is not good, because the time is the problem of the coach Rosenberger?
Shu Yuhui: we are in the first half of 2016, did not continue in the second half of 2015, trying to innovate a new model. For example, completely decentralization to the coach, the club does not participate in the management, with the coach on it, so the first half of the performance is not good. But this is not to say that Rosenberger's ability is not, but different football thinking caused some problems. I think Rosenberger is a good coach, but he may not be a good manager, so come to a new team will take some detours, I'm not saying that Rosenberger does not manage, but in football culture in different environment, the new lead in the first half of us indeed there have been some problems.
Sina sports: we note that Rosenberger in the media after the return to Brazil, there are some remarks, how do you look at the beginning of the high paid Brazil coach.
Shu Yuhui: first of all, this thing is over, I don't believe that Rosenberger is the true idea, Brazil media may not know Chinese football, when he accepted the interview, received some guidance or misleading, so in this misleading to stimulate him say something, believe that is not his real intention.
Secondly, I think Rosenberger is a good coach, but also very confident, our relationship is very good, when he was in Tianjin, we often chat together, until today, we also miss him very much, we are very happy in working days, very happy.
Third, I think Rosenberger in the field of Chinese to complete with the Brazil football football management and coaching, may not be fully adapted, so the team later appeared on the performance problem, can not say his personal problems, or perhaps Brazil and Chinese football culture is not the same. May he when Brazil coach, as long as there are good players can get good grades, but in China is not necessarily the case, this is the first time he came to Chinese, I think if he can adapt to the Chinese in one or two years, also can succeed.