2020-08-18 16:11


Hu Jing: a woman of great pattern


[Beijing Direct News Network August 18th] (Haichou media)We've all heard the saying that "beautiful skins are the same, interesting souls are one in a thousand". But if you put this sentence on the person mentioned below, you will find that beautiful faces and interesting souls are never a pair of paradoxes.

She is very beautiful, but her beauty is not floating in the outside, this kind of beauty is in the silent place, is the scenery that has seen, accumulates the warm luster on the face; it is the road that has gone through, portrays the calm and elegant soul in the bottom of my heart. She is Hu Jing, a strong person who has made great achievements in the business world, and a beauty who has become more and more beautiful after years of carving.

Both talent and appearance, ambition in all directions

Before seeing Hu Jing, hearing this name, many people will think of a quiet and graceful image of a Jiangnan woman. When you really see her, you will find that it is not. She is warm and generous, and her smile is bright. When she begins to speak, her gentle and bright tone will make you feel the cheerful vitality emanating from her body. This vitality comes from the experience of life and is the source of nourishing her growth. Let her see all the sails, but she is still young.

As a young entrepreneur and a middle-aged man, Hu Jing has experienced ups and downs of his life scripts and achieved great success in his career. He has stood at a height that many people can't reach. Hu Jing frankly said that the road of entrepreneurship is not easy to go. It is a road of thorns and flowers. If a person wants to win flowers on this road, he must have the courage and ability to ride the storm. Although this is not a smooth road, but Hu Jing all the way through the wind and rain, to see the moment of fragrance everywhere.

Bensheng has a famous saying, "the greatest happiness in life is not in what we possess, but in the process of pursuing something.". In other words, there are many ways of life, everyone can have their own pursuit. Hu Jing, who is very clear about what he wants, chooses a way to pursue success, writes a chapter of his life for himself, opens up the map of his career, and wins a life that everyone envies.

Singing all the way

In the process of Hu Jing's struggle and growth, there is a name that has to be mentioned, that is, Hu Jing's husband, Chen Huaide, chairman of Fudi Health Technology Co., Ltd. In the 1980s, when the opening window of the motherland opened, Hu Jing, who was working in Shenzhen at that time, met Chen Huaide, who was already a well-known entrepreneur at that time. Two souls with common aspirations collided together, and from then on, they began the road of life hand in hand for nearly 30 years.

After marriage with Chen Huaide, Hu Jing did not just stay at home to teach her husband and children like most of the women behind the entrepreneurs. Instead, she chose to continue to pursue her own career ideal, fight side by side with Chen Huaide and open up their common cause. In 1994, Fuyou group established Fudi Health Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Fuyou group in Shanghai. At the same time, it began to develop direct sales business, which made Fudi a "time-honored brand" in China's direct sales industry, and made the names of Chen Huaide and Hu Jing engraved on the monument of the development history of China's direct sales industry.

Chen Huaide and Hu Jing began to work hand in hand for the business map. Chen Huaide was responsible for the domestic market, while Hu Jing was responsible for the development of overseas markets. Hu Jing, who graduated from a well-known university in China, went abroad for further study during the "going abroad craze" in the 1980s. Her good oral English ability and rich overseas life experience played a great role in leading Fudi team to explore overseas markets. Hu Jing recalled that the time when Fudi set out to explore overseas markets was the busiest day of her life. She had to go to a country almost every half a month. After she had just adapted to the living environment of this country, she would immediately go to another country for the next project.

Hu Jing has made great contributions to Fudi's development of overseas markets with her wisdom and tenacity. It can be said that on the road of Fudi's opening up overseas markets, Hu Jing led Fudi's team to overcome all the difficulties and make great progress, composing the legend of Fudi's achievements in that era.

Great love, boundless charity

Although it is a sonorous rose, it has a soft and warm heart. In the direct selling industry, it is well known that Hu Jing and Chen Huaide are star couples in the spotlight of the industry. The reason why they are followed by the spotlight is more important than their success in their career. Chen Huaide and Hu Jingfu have been enthusiastic about public welfare for many years. At the beginning of their business, they decided to donate 1000 hope primary schools The goal of 10 billion public funds. They are still striving for this goal.