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Hu Guoan green: performance fell confident to turn the crisis into an opportunity


[straight news network reported, Beijing, May 19 (lvzhiyun) when life's sorrow, happy sad was a peach tree ornament was a vibrant, when the cold mist with the wind gradually subsided, when field ploughing in the first loud shouting the slogan, we believe that winter has past, springtime has promised to come.
In the spring of 2016 on the green, is destined to be special. This year, we have experienced a number of severe tests. From the economic point of view, the successful application of more and more companies, leading to increasingly fierce market competition, the ability to innovate and entrepreneurship requirements are increasingly high. From the market operation, the performance of the market downturn, the growth rate of decline, the strategy to promote and market management are resistance, these factors have brought challenges to the development of enterprises.
But it is in this case, we have to say: in the face of the current complex and volatile situation, we must be full of confidence, confidence will have the courage, confidence is strength, confidence is more important than gold.
Our confidence comes first from a solid platform. From 2003 to 2015, lvzhiyun from formation to embrace the Internet thinking, explore online and offline experience, use, promotion and sales of Internet plus direct sales model, we actively respond to implement the "public entrepreneurship, innovation" and "Internet plus" national strategy for solving social employment, transformation and upgrading, cross-border integration many practical problems, public aid. We vigorously promote China's five thousand years of health culture and forward-looking concept of the health industry, and promote the traditional culture and many businesses, the majority of Internet users and the public's penetration of fusion.
Secondly, our confidence comes from the following social development rules and the national policy of the advanced marketing innovation model. Work closely with "The Belt and Road" national strategy "and" Hunan one "strategy, vigorously carry out micro marketing and experiential marketing, bold exploration" Internet plus direct mode, with its own innovation drive to meet the "new economic plan" and the "new consumer era" to "Internet plus three + public business has always been based on agriculture, enriching the industry enterprise value line. Cooperation with insurance, real estate, education and other areas of financial strategy, opened a new era in the history of cross-border integration, pushing the development of the.
The most important thing is that our confidence comes from the shared prosperity, adhere to the concept of. Three years ago, with "Chinese dream" as the background of the "green dream" commitment who enjoy the opportunity to share the results of to let all green, enjoy the life, the color of the opportunity. Over the past 13 years, adhere to innovation and Entrepreneurship of the green group already has a cross industry a number of sub brands, group the big platform for the development of great potential and is continuing confidence guarantee. Thirteen years, we have accumulated a solid platform strength, over 1 billion of fixed assets, brand value over 2 billion. Group received government support, social recognition, millions of loyal consumers is our core competitive advantage. Therefore, no matter how hard the external environment and internal challenges how serious, as long as the right policies, strengthen confidence, we will certainly be able to overcome the difficulties, to turn the crisis for machine.
Human effort is the decisive factor. environment created by the heart. The course of reform and opening up indicates that every reform will promote the economic development to a new level. In 2016, green for all people will be an extraordinary year. In this year, we must maintain a clear headed, rational attitude, in the face of adversity will grow. The market will witness our unity, the difficulties will witness our tenacity, and the final result will witness our strength!
This step by step walking on all lvzhiyun challenge and test, we also will harvest more precious than gold, such as will, for example such as the mind, confidence. This is an integral part of our family, it is our way forward courageously fighting power. Time will prove that confidence will be transformed into a powerful force, encourage us to continue forward towards a higher goal! "
(original title: lvzhiyun Hu Guoan: performance fell confident to turn the crisis into machine)
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